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Flores para hombres: una guía completa

Flowers make a great gift for a variety of occasions. It can be prudent to get someone flowers if they graduate, get married, have a baby, or experience other major life moments. 

It's true that flowers are most often associated with gifts for women in our lives. Still, flowers for men are appropriate and charming gifts in many cases. 

The good news is that you've come to the right place by reading this article. Detailed below is everything you need to know about choosing and buying flowers for men. 

After all, men can appreciate such a thoughtful gift just as much as women can. One study suggests that two-thirds of people feel special when they receive flowers - no matter their gender. 

Make sure your special man in your life feels loved and appreciated. Keep reading to see which flowers might suit men for different life occasions. 

Red Roses Are Always Romantic

It's no secret that flowers are often associated with love and romance. Maybe that's why flowers make a great Valentine's Day or anniversary gift. The thing is, that kind of gift is given to both women and men every year. 

In recent years, even men are starting to appreciate the gift of flowers. On those special days throughout the year, the men in your life would enjoy a thoughtful gift like flowers just like a woman would. 

Perhaps that's why florists throughout the United States enjoy such a vast industry. Consider the fact that in the year 2019 alone, florists made $7 billion in sales

For romance, in particular, consider investing in red roses for your male partner. Red roses are a passionate color, and their fragrance help set a romantic mood, too. Gift your special man a dozen red roses this next Valentine's Day to ensure he knows how attracted you are to him. 

Send White Flowers to Express Your Sympathies

The unfortunate truth is that romance is not the only reason to send someone flowers. Based on tradition, sympathetic emotions are expressed with white flowers. Men in your life might appreciate the gesture of getting white flowers during times of trouble. 

One example is that of a death in the family. If you're looking to express your condolences with an ideal floral arrangement, make sure you buy some white ones. 

Another instance for white flowers for men is that of him being in the hospital. For one thing, the fragrance of flowers in a person's hospital room is quite cheering. Even men know the value of such a kind gesture when they're going through something so tough. 

It's Tradition to Send Yellow Flowers for Celebrations

Perhaps the reason you're sending a man some flowers is more lighthearted than expressing sympathy. If you're looking to congratulate a friend or family member, yellow flowers are the way to go. 

Perhaps your nephew across the country is graduating from college after many long years. Well, a floral arrangement with mostly yellow flowers is in perfect taste. 

Another example would be if a coworker just had a new baby. He and his family would find the gift of flowers a wonderful thing to celebrate. 

Pair a Floral Arrangement with Another Gift

Remember, you can always get creative when it comes to getting flowers for men as a gift. For one thing, you could pair the floral arrangement with something else. 

Popular gift pairings with flowers for men include gift cards or even accessories. As an example, if the mn in your life has been wanting a certain watch for a long time, treat him with it alongside a dozen red roses for your anniversary. It's a great way to gift him something he'll never forget. 

Also, you can always get interesting kinds of flowers like sunflowers or birds of paradise. That way, you can make your gift even more unique and thoughtful. 

Be Conscious of Where You Send Flowers to Men

Even though more men would love the gift of flowers these days, be smart about where you send them. Not all modern working environments are as accepting of flowers as appropriate gifts for men. 

One key example could be that of a construction site. If your loved one works in a male-dominated field like this, sending flowers to him at work needs to be considerate on your part. A dozen red roses, even with great intentions, could leave your loved one the punchline of a lot of jokes on the job. 

Of course, there are still some exceptions to even that rule. In the event of serious grief, for instance, receiving flowers from family members is more understandable. Even the toughest group of men can't begrudge a thoughtful gesture during a tough time in the life of their friend. 

Take the time to ensure sending flowers to the man in your life is a good idea. For more specific guidance, check out this article about tips for sending large floral arrangements

Flowers for men

Find and Buy the Ideal Flowers for Men

At this point in the article, you have a thorough understanding of how to choose flowers for men. There are many different reasons it can be prudent to purchase flowers for men in your life. That's why you'll take the above guidelines to heart. 

After all, you want your loved ones to feel valued and appreciated - no matter their gender. Even men will know the thoughtfulness behind a gift of a floral arrangement. Still, make sure you're only buying the highest quality of flowers for the loved ones in your life. 

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