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11 of the Greatest Fall Flowers and Plants to Send

Fall is a very distinct time especially because of the colors and the feeling it brings you. But just because the temperature drops doesn't mean that you can't still have beautiful flowers. 

Fall time is still a great time to have flowers in and around your home. 

You can also send flowers to a friend or family member but make sure they go with the season. With international flower delivery, you can send the best flowers all over the globe. 

Keep reading for eleven of the greatest fall flowers and plants to send to your friends and family. 

Fall flowers

1. Goldenrod

If you're looking for a beautiful outdoor plant for a friend or family member, then look to send Goldenrod. This bright yellow plant is cheery and a great addition to your garden. 

Goldenrod plants are easy to care for and grow best in full sun with well-drained soil. A backyard or garden will look bright and have a fall vibe with Goldenrod. 

2. Sweet Autumn Clematis

It tells you in the name that Sweet Autumn Clematis is a great flower for fall time. This white flower grows best in the form of vines. They're also great to make wreaths out of for the upcoming season. 

You want to make sure you're sending the perfect flower to your friends or family. Sweet Autumn Clematis grows best in partial to fun sun locations. This will add the perfect look to your fall decor. 

3. Hydrangeas

During the cooler season, you may want to bring natural beauty to a room. Sending hydrangeas to a friend or family member is a great way to give them something beautiful for their home. 

There are many different colors that hydrangeas can be to mimic the fall vibe. You can get tinted hydrangeas in orange, yellow or red colors for a fun fall look. 

4. Mini Calla Lilies

As the seasons change the temperature gets cooler, you may want to go for a darker vibe. Mini Calla Lilies are a deep purple and the darkest flowers you can find.

These would be great around Halloween but also blend in well with other fall colors. Mini Calla Lilies are normally an outdoor plant but will do well as an indoor house plant too as long as you care for them properly. 

5. Toad Lily

Toad Lilies are a great flowering plant with tiny flowers that bloom more towards the end of summer. They look great throughout fall and are speckled with a light and dark purple so they will blend in with your fall colors. 

The Toad Lily is an unusual plant that is also beautiful. They can tolerate part sunlight as long as they are thoroughly watered. This plant looks great during September and October while it starts to get cooler. 

6. Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemums come in many different colors and varieties so you're sure to find the perfect flower to send to your friend or family members. The colors compliment any garden or home greatly and especially during the fall time. 

This plant does well on its own so it will take minimal effort to keep it alive and beautiful looking. They can do well on their own in full sun. 

7. Mini Cymbidium Orchids

Mini Cymbidium Orchids are great for fall because they help to contrast the dreary atmosphere. Colors like yellow, pink, and white will go great to compliment your fall vibe. These flowers are very captivating and have many beautiful blooms. 

These orchids can also help to bring a warm tropical vibe to your home during fall time. If you aren't into fall or the decor like most people, then this flower will be great to help bring a different feel to your home during fall time. 

8. Succulents

Succulents are great for any season and will look nice in any space. You can style your succulents in any way and they will look good in any area of your home. 

The number one reason to send your friend or family succulents is that they take minimal effort to take care of and will still look great even when fall passes. You can change up the vibe of a succulent by changing the pot they're in so they look good at all times. 

9. Garden Roses

Garden Roses can come in many different colors so they're perfect for any time of the year especially fall. A light pink Garden Rose can help to complement your outdoor or indoor Fall theme. 

Roses are a classic flower that pretty much everyone can love. But the Garden Rose is heavily petaled and has a ruffled bloom so it is sure to be a unique plant for your friends or family. 

10. Amaryllis

Amaryllis are typically used to decorate during the winter holidays and are a very cheery flower. But this flower is also available all year round and can be a great flower during the fall time. 

During the fall time, you can find a wider range of colors beyond the classic red and white because that's when they typically begin to bloom. They can come in a bright orange, or peach so you can have a nice fall theme.  

11. Small Globe Thistle

The Small Globe Thistle is a truly unique plant that will look great during fall time. It's bright blue ball-shaped flowers begin growing mid-summer and continue to thrive through October to November. 

The dramatic contrast of the Small Globe Thistle's blue and gray tones will help to bring out your Fall decor. These flowers also work well in a vase for weeks so you can have an awesome fall centerpiece.  

Send Fall Flowers to Everyone

Even though the seasons change and it starts to get cooler, there are still many flowers that do great during the fall time. They can stand out on their own or help to make your fall decorations stand out. Ordering flowers for your friends or family is a great gift that they will appreciate. 

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