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International Flower Company 

Your trusted global flower company 

Wherever you live, if you are thinking about sending flowers to your home, at abcFlora we will help you achieve it, since we have an extensive network of international florists that allows us to send your surprise to any part of the world. Above this text you will find the list of the main countries where we send flowers and gifts, but they are not all to which we can send your order. Therefore, if the country you want to ship to is not on the list, you can contact us because we will most likely be able to ship it as well.

abcFlora is the leading worldwide flower delivery company with more than 20 years of experience in the flower delivery sector and the possibility to pay with cryptocurrency. Trust our experience and our professionals, both those who work managing your orders and the local florists in the country of delivery, who will be in charge of creating the bouquet of your dreams. Furthermore, they will always do it with fresh flowers combined with green foliage and with the highest level of detail. In this way we guarantee that the flowers stay fresh for days so that they decorate and aromatize the home of those you love most.

Discover our flower bouquet worldwide catalog 

We offer you a wide selection of the most colorful flowers, so you can choose your favorite ones to surprise your family and friends with an international delivery. From roses, sunflowers, gerberas and many more, there is a perfect flower for everyone.

The queens of flowers could not be missing from our catalog: roses. They are available in the color palette you prefer, from classic red roses to elegant white roses. Although also other tones such as yellow, orange or pink.

Elegant lilies are also the protagonists of many of our bouquets. You will find them in various colors, such as white, pink or yellow, all of them with their sweet aroma.

Gerberas are one of the most used flowers in floral arrangements due to their color, which will delight whoever you send them to. Depending on the message you want to convey, choose pink, yellow, orange, red or whatever color you like the most.

Our orchids perfectly express that meaning of sophistication and refinement that is always associated with these flowers. For an exclusive surprise, orchids are always the best option.

Tips to Send Flowers Abroad 

Local flower meanings around the globe 

If you plan to send flowers abroad to greet family and friends, you need to be aware that flowers and colors can have different meanings depending on the country you send them to. We share some tips below to help you sending flowers abroad:

In Mexico they are flower lovers but, if your intention is to conquer that person who is so special to you, never send them white flowers, since they indicate only a friendly purpose.

Although Americans love to receive bouquets of flowers as gifts, avoid orange lilies, as they symbolize pride, hatred, and even disdain.

Never send yellow flowers in Italy, because they are associated with envy and jealousy. If you don't want to send the wrong message, better opt for other colors.

As in Italy, it is not advisable to send yellow flowers, but for other reasons. In Germany, yellow flowers indicate a breakup, therefore, it is better to send red, white or pink flowers to make someone fall in love with you.

Most famous festivities in the world when to send flowers

Each country has its own traditions and festivities in which it is typical to give flowers to loved ones. There are some very particular ones like the Day of the Dead in Mexico, when families honor their deceased by bringing flowers and other offerings to cemeteries. Also on the island of Madeira, for example, the Flower Festival is celebrated every year, with handmade flower carpets, parades and music.

However, there are other relevant dates on the calendar that are common in many Western countries. The most notable occasion to send flowers internationally is, without a doubt, Valentine's Day. Every February 14, lovers celebrate their love by giving each other flowers and sending red roses is the most popular worldwide. There is also Mother's Day, Christmas or Easter, all of them good times to surprise your loved ones with bouquets of flowers and gifts even if they live very far from you.

Choose the country you want to send your bouquet of flowers to and we will take care of the rest!