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Meaning of number of roses

Meaning of number of roses

Ever wondered what is the secret meaning behind number of roses? It is not a secret anymore! We have decoded this for you so now you know how to express your feelings with the roses.

3 roses to say 'I Love You'. A very simple way to say three meaningful words is to send three red roses.

6 roses to say I want to be Yours or I'm halfway in Love with You. To show your significant other you want to bring relations to the next level send them 6 red roses bouquet.

12 roses  - Be mine or I'm in Love with You. Classic dozen red roses arrangement is the best selling bouquet on a Valentine's Day. It is a proper way to express your love yet affordable Valentine's Day flowers

24 roses - I'm thinking of you 24 hours, You are always on my mind. Need you more words to say about your love? Send two dozen red roses on a Valentine's Day and let them know they have your heart.

36 roses is a way to remind your loved one you will always remember all romantic moments you shared together. A sweet way to cherish the  memories of two of you.

50 roses stands for Unconditional Love. It is also a great way to say My Love for you has no bounds. Send them fifty red roses - show them how special they are.

100 roses is for a pure devotion meaning your love will last for 100 of years. A true gift for the only one in your life. Celebrate Love with this truly unique gift, send them hundred roses - you only got one life!


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