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Celebrate a Long Distance Mother's Day With International Flower Delivery

By the time they're 27 years old, 90.2% of Americans have moved out of their parental home at least once. Some people stick close to their families, while others choose to move halfway across the world.

And in other cases, your parents might decide that now their kids have flown the nest, they can move somewhere exotic, too! So you might be missing them, especially if you rarely see them.

With Mother's Day coming up, it's the perfect chance for you to express how much you love and miss your mom. Here's why you should consider international flower delivery for this upcoming Mother's Day.

Show Your Love

Maybe you feel guilty for not calling her enough. Or maybe you feel like words just can't express how much you love your mother.

A big bouquet of beautiful flowers can show her that even though you're miles apart, you're always thinking of her. When that bouquet shows up on her doorstep on the big day, it'll probably put the biggest smile on her face to know that her children still love and miss her.

Each time she walks into the room and sees her vase with your flowers in them, she'll be reminded again of your love for her.

Show Your Appreciation

Sure, you can say "I love you" to your mother, and that can certainly show your appreciation for everything she's ever done in your life. But perhaps you feel like that simply isn't enough. Yet, it's difficult for you to verbally show how much you appreciate your mom's sacrifices.

An international flower delivery is perfect for these purposes. Those flowers can stand in for you and be there with her in person when you can't be.

The flowers themselves can also be a token of appreciation. But in addition, you can get your thoughts out on paper by writing her a small card that'll be delivered with the bouquet. She can then read it so you don't necessarily have to say those words.

The next time you call each other, all you have to do is ask if she read the card, and when she says "yes," you'll know your mom is aware of how much you appreciate her.

International flower delivery specialist.

Flowers Improve Your Health

It should already be apparent that by sending your mom flowers, it'll make her happy. It's a gesture and token of love, after all.

But it's not just the action that makes your mother happy. Did you know the flowers themselves improve people's moods, too?

Researchers found that humans have cultivated flowers for over 5,000 years because of this. Women who were given flowers expressed "true" smiles and had more positive moods for up to 3 days later.

Flowers can also stimulate positive social behavior in both men and women, and they can also improve episodic memory in seniors.

So if your mom seems to be emotionally down and/or is struggling with her memory, sending her a bouquet of flowers for Mother's Day (and other holidays!) can actually improve her health.

Some Choices to Consider

Have you just realized that you actually don't know your mother's favorite flowers? No problem!

We'd wager a guess that no matter what flowers you choose to send, she'll still love the thought behind your bouquet. But if you need some inspiration for picking the right blossoms, then you're in the right place. Read on to see some popular choices.


These are definitely a classic. While red roses are usually reserved for romantic purposes, you can still choose ones in different colors to give for Mother's Day.

For example, you can go for lighter tones, such as white or yellow. These are bright, lively flowers that will perk up any room your mom puts them in.


Tulips are another type of flower that are beautiful and full of vibrancy. Like with roses, they come in colors like white and yellow, so choose those hues to give your mom a pop of spring.

You can also pick colors like blue, red, and purple if you feel they suit her personality better.


Orchids look kind of similar to tulips, but are more exotic looking. This type of flower comes in all sorts of colors and patterns, which means your mother will get something truly unique.


Lilies come in a variety of breeds, such as Calla and Lily of the Valley. Most people like to gift their mothers white lilies, as they look nice and pure.

Considering the day lily is a symbol for motherhood in China, it can be a really nice flower to pick for this occasion!


Daisies are small but cheerful flowers, which makes it another one that can perk up your mom's days. If she's not a fan of big and overly dramatic flowers, then daisies can be perfect for her.

Get Reliable International Flower Delivery

By now, you should be thoroughly convinced that international flower delivery is the way to go this Mother's Day.

What's great about this is it doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. With services from reputable companies like abcFlora, you won't have to worry about draining your bank account.

Plus, you can count on us to deliver fresh flowers that look just as good as the moment they were picked. And most importantly, you can be confident that your mom will receive her flowers on time. There's nothing worse than Mother's Day coming and going without receiving anything, after all!

Want to send some flowers to your mom this holiday? Then check out our list of available destination countries now.

If your mother's country of residence isn't on this list, feel free to contact us so we can see what we can do for you.