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Send Flowers to Austria

Today is a great day to send flowers to Austria and thus surprise your family and friends who live in this small country located in the true heart of Europe.
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Fresh flowers from local florists in Austria

Discover the most popular Austrian Flowers

Did you know that the national flower of Austria is the so-called “edelweiss”? It is also known as “snow flower”, since it grows at high altitudes between rock formations. Its greatest peculiarity is its fleshy petals covered with fine white fluff and its enormous resistance to extreme cold temperatures. In addition to the mountains, it is also found stamped on the 2 euro cent coins in this country, thus demonstrating the importance of this flower as an emblem for the Austrians.

At abcFlora we believe in local and proximity products, which is why our flowers never travel in boxes, but florists in Austrias prepare our bouquets. They do it following a strictly artisanal process, using freshly cut flowers of the best quality to make a unique and unrepeatable bouquet. This is how we guarantee that your flowers will be delivered fresh and without the damage that they may suffer when transported in boxes. Trust our local florists in Austria, let them put the magic of their profession into practice and deliver the flowers by hand to the people you love most.

Best occasions to send flowers to Austria

If you are thinking of sending a bouquet of flowers to Austria, make sure that the number of flowers is odd, as these symbolize good luck, while even numbers (except 12) represent bad luck. In any case, sending flowers is a deep-rooted tradition in this Alpine country, whether to congratulate a birthday, to celebrate a baptism, to congratulate a job promotion or to send your best wishes to someone who is going through difficult times. Any date is a good time to surprise your friends and acquaintances in Austria, who will love receiving a surprise like this.

Thanks to our international flower delivery service we deliver your bouquets to more than 100 countries around the world, including some bordering Austria, such as Germany, Italy or Switzerland. On our website you will find flowers for all tastes, from roses to gerberas, as well as a careful selection of plants and complementary gifts. In addition, we make it very easy for you when sending flowers to Austria, since during the purchasing process you can choose the payment method that best suits you, from credit or debit card to cryptocurrencies, including Amazon Pay, Apple Pay and Paypal.

The best Austria Flower Delivery Service

To which cities in Austria can I send flowers?

The Austrian capital, Vienna, is one of the great metropolises in Europe, full of history and such important landmarks as its famous Opera. However, it is not the only Austrian city to which you can send your flowers from our website. You can also surprise your friends and family living in Graz, Linz, Salzburg, Innsbruck, Klagenfurt and much more. Check on our page the cities in this country where we ship and, if you cannot find the one you are looking for, contact our customer service department so we can manage it especially for you.

How can I send flowers to Austria from USA?

The simple answer is yes, you can send flowers to Austria from the USA; the complete answer is that you can do it from the United States or from any other part of the world! In addition to sending flowers, you can add gifts to your order, such as boxes of chocolates, glass vases, teddy bears and even cakes, ideal for celebrating a birthday remotely. We assure you that your bouquet or plant will arrive fresh and with all its aroma to the address you have indicated, ready to surprise your loved ones. Don't hesitate and send flowers to Austria from USA today!

Austria flower delivery made easy with abcFlora

If this European country seems like a very distant place for you, don't worry, thanks to abcFlora you will have it at your fingertips. When you decide to send flowers to Austria, you will only have to follow the following 5 steps on our website:

  1. Select your preferred bouquet on our website. We have a wide catalog with a lot of different types of flowers and flower arrangements to choose from. 
  2. Add additional gifts and a customized message. Add an extra present to your bouquet and write a heartfelt message to send along with the flowers 😉
  3. Choose the desired delivery date. Our network of local florists work every day of the week, so that your flowers arrive at the time you choose.
  4. Fill in the order form with your details and the recipient's details. Once you enter the data, we will show you the shipping options available.
  5. Proceed to pay securely with the methods available: PayPal, credit card or cryptocurrency.

So easy and simple! Once your order has been placed, our entire team gets going so that your bouquet of flowers and gifts arrive at your friends and family's home as soon as possible.