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Flower Arrangements: 6 Tips for Picking the Perfect Flowers

By 2025, the US flower gifting market is estimated to reach $17 billion as more people embrace these colorful creations and find joy in nature. 

When given a flower arrangement, you feel happy and might get inspired to create your flower arrangements at home, but you need to know tips for bringing flowers to life. 

Otherwise, you could end up with sad-looking flower vases with crowded plants that are off balance. So, to avoid any flower arranging disasters, this article will give you expert tips for handling delicate petals. 

First, you need to consider what the flower arrangements will be used for and what time of year it is. Are you looking for a birthday gift? Do you want to treat yourself? Or, is there a wedding coming up? 

Take note of these 6 tips for picking the perfect flowers. 

6 Tips for Creating Perfect Flower Arrangements

Here are a few flower arrangement ideas to get you inspired to create your individual designs. There's something for everyone, from simple arrangements to colorful bouquets.

Keep It Simple With a Stylish Boquet

If you want to create a flower arrangement for a special event but want it to look classy, then you should pick simple and eye-catching flowers. 

For instance, purple dahlias, white lilies, or roses. When handling roses, remove any thorns and excess leaves from the flower. You can start by placing one flower at the center and adding smaller flowers around it. 

It's best to keep the color palette small with bold colors, then add neutral whites and greens to balance the arrangement. 

Embrace the Wild Flowers

When taking a nature hike or walking in the forest, you see wildflowers growing in all corners of the earth. It makes the outdoors look beautiful and unique. 

So, to re-create this wild look, you should focus on lots of green and colorful flowers. You can also use a bird of paradise flower for something extra special. 

There are no set rules for this arrangement; you can enjoy mixing the different flowers and contrasting the colors. The main goal is to make the vase look wild.

Make It Seasonal

Sometimes, the best way to pick flowers is to look at what's in season throughout the year. 

You can go to a local farm or florist and ask them what's available.

Most of the time, there will be different bouquets at Christmas than in summer, so it's a good idea to learn about the season of your favorite flower if you want to use it in your arrangement. 

You can add some branches, cosmos, and zinnias to create an earthy feel. This will give your flower arrangement some texture and add depth to the overall display. 

Pop of Color for Summer

Summer is a great time to bring some color into your life. The sun is shining, and everyone feels brighter. So, it's the perfect time to arrange your lovely flowers! 

Here are the most common flowers used in summer

  • Jasmine 
  • Rose
  • Hydrangea
  • Delphinium

But, of course, you can add your twist and incorporate other flowers you can find. 

When you have several flowers, placing a leaf in the vase can be helpful before arranging the rest of the bouquet. This will help conceal the stems and make creating the rest of the display easier. 

Show Someone You Love Them Flowers

Flowers have always been a popular way of showing you care for someone and celebrating memorable events, so it's essential to get the arrangement right. 

If it's someone's birthday, you can find the flower associated with their birth month and make it the centerpiece of your display. For example, daffodils are for March, and marigolds are for October...

Find your loved one's birth flowers and make them a stunning flower display! 

Alternatively, for weddings, you can try something more artistic. 

Go Experimental With Artistic Flowers 

Whether you've recently become interested in flower arrangements or want to show off your skills, learning the fundamentals of basic flower design will help you achieve better results in your bouquets. 

So, what are the main flower designs? 

You can explore any of these arrangement styles in your bouquets: 

  • Elliptical flower arrangement
  • Vertical flower arrangement
  • Triangular flowers
  • Horizontal flower arrangement 
  • Crescent flower arrangement
  • S-shaped flower arrangement 
  • Oval flower arrangement
  • Cascade flower arrangement

All of these styles are great for various occasions and types of flowers. And, if you want to practice, you can try out several and find which one is your favorite! 

After determining what flower design you'd like, you'll need to cut and prepare the flowers. If you want the flowers to last a long time, preparing them before they go in a vase is vital. 

Cleaning the stems and removing unwanted buds will give the flowers a better chance of surviving in your vase. 

Next, pick a vase suited to the flowers and your arrangement. You don't want to use a tiny vase for long-stemmed flowers. So, checking the length will prevent you from buying a new vase. 

Then, all left is to place the focal flower and add the filler flowers to the rest of the arrangement.

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Get the Bouquet of Your Dreams 

Flower arrangements don't need to be hard if you have the right tools and techniques to get you started.

After reading this article, you know about picking flowers based on the season, different flower designs, and how to bring some personality into a flower display. 

But, if you're looking for someone to take over the flower arrangement for a special occasion, we've got you covered. You can let us know where you want the flowers delivered, and we'll take care of the rest. 

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