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7 Compelling Reasons to Send Flowers on Valentine's Day

"He loves me, he loves me not..."

If there is doubt in anyone's mind about how you feel about your partner, you can quickly clear it up with a well-timed flower delivery! Flowers are a traditional gift that can show your loved one exactly how you feel. Flowers have been a traditional Valentine's Day gift since the 17th century! 

But should you send flowers on Valentine's Day? Given their long history, is it possible that gifting flowers to your Valentine is a bit... overdone? After all, you don't want to come off as conventional when you're trying to make a lasting, loving impression on your paramour!

Keep reading to learn seven compelling, unconventional reasons to send flower arrangements on Valentine's Day! AbcFlora can help you select the gift that can speak without words, travel across borders, and show your partner exactly how you feel! 

1. Speak Without Words

Did you know that flowers can talk? 

As early as the seventeenth century, lovers have used flowers to convey a variety of specific messages and meanings. Expressionists call this artform "the language of flowers." Florists through the ages have curated lists of flowers and their meanings, which you can still access and use today. 

Not everyone can find the perfect words to fill a greeting card or love poem. Why not let your flower arrangement do the work? You can start with a red rose, which means "deep love!" 

2. Meet Them Where They Are

Whether your Valentine lives in your home or across the globe, flowers will travel! One of the best parts about scheduling a floral delivery as a Valentine's day gift is that you can have the flowers delivered anywhere. Sometimes the best gift isn't the arrangement, but receiving the delivery in public!

If your recipient works at an office, consider having the flowers delivered in the middle of the workday. It can make a day of labor seem a lot less dreary, and makes for a fun surprise! Many people enjoy the attention they get when a big arrangement of roses lands on their desk for all to see! 

3. It's Eco-Friendly

What could be more organic, green, and eco-friendly than a gift that emerges from the earth itself? Flowers are one of the most sustainable and planet-friendly gifts out there. If your Valentine is a climate warrior, choosing flowers over commercially produced gifts is a great way to go green while everyone else goes pink and red!

4. They Can Cross the Globe

Flowers are grown on six out of seven continents on Earth! As long as your loved one isn't analyzing ice cores in Antarctica, a floral delivery can easily reach them! It's a great way to bridge the gap if the one you love lives in a different city, or even a different country

ABCflora specializes in international flower delivery. Why would you risk sending a box of chocolates across borders when a local florist can deliver a brilliant bouquet directly to their door? Flowers never melt in transit and arrive as a box of brown, misshapen goo! 

5. Speak in Their Love Language

Have you heard about the five love languages? It's a theory that suggests that everyone gives and receives love in different ways. You might feel most loved when receiving words of affirmation from a partner, but express love through touch or acts of service. 

One of the love languages is gifts! People whose receptive love language is receiving gifts like to know that their partner thought about them enough to choose something they would adore. You can support your gift-loving partner by choosing an arrangement featuring their favorite flower or favorite colors. 

If your expressive love language is gifting, sending flowers is a great way to make a thoughtful choice that will convey exactly how you feel. 

6. You Can Start a Tradition

Traditions make a family. If you and your Valentine may be moving in that direction, you can start that annual tradition this Valentine's day! Sending a bouquet or arrangement every year can help create anticipation for an otherwise uneventful holiday. 

Perhaps the tradition is sending your loved one a simple arrangement of red roses every year. Maybe you select something wholly original each Valentine's Day to keep the suspense building! Your tradition might be to send an arrangement to the office, or to leave the flowers in an unexpected place for your Valentine to discover!

Let creativity guide your choices and you will be on your way to making a lifetime of memories!

7. It's Just Plain Romantic! 

Does your gift need to be completely original to be heartfelt and romantic? Lovers have been sending flowers to their Valentines for centuries because they are beautiful, fragile gifts with an inherently romantic meaning! Why reinvent the wheel (or the rose) when the romance is already there? 

If Valentine's Day falls during the winter in your country, an arrangement can brighten up a dull season with light and love. Flowers exist to beautify a space and bring joy! Though they may only last for a short time, their ephemeral nature only adds to their sense of natural romance. 

Over time, flowers have become a universal symbol of affection and love. Why not send a message that nobody will misconstrue? Sending a Valentine's Day arrangement is as simple and clear as saying "I love you!" 

Send Flowers on Valentine's Day!

When traditions endure across centuries, there's usually a good reason! If you choose to send flowers on Valentine's day, you will be part of a meaningful tradition. Whether your goal is to send a secret message or heal the earth, your lover will appreciate the thought and effort you put into this stunning, organic gift!

Whether your lover is near or far, abcFlora can help you arrange an international delivery of the best flowers available. From Valentine's Day gifts to a simple 'thinking of you,' flowers say it all. View our list of destination countries to get started!