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7 Different Types of Flowers to Send to New Zealand

There are many reasons you might want to send flowers to New Zealand. You might have family or friends there and have a reason to celebrate even from overseas.

You could, perhaps, need to send them as a "get well soon" gift. After all, even experts recognize that having flowers or other plants around provides very real mental health benefits

No matter why you're looking to ship flowers all the way to New Zealand, make sure you send the right ones. There are different types of flowers that are ideal for different types of reasons. 

Fortunately, you've come to the right article to help. Detailed below are seven essential types of flowers you should know about before sending any. Keep reading to make sure your New Zealand loved ones get the floral arrangement that best speaks for you. 

1. White Lilies Symbolize Purity and Cleanliness

If you're looking for flowers to send a newlywed couple, white lilies could be a perfect choice. In fact, they're perfect for Christian weddings, as they also symbolize the purity of the Virgin Mary in that regard.

This purity related to the color white, though, can also signify renewal or starting over. In some cases, white lilies are used as a gift of condolences. If someone you love is in the hospital or there is a funeral to be thoughtful of, white lilies are a sympathizing option for you to consider. 

Remember, you're not alone in considering flowers for any notable occasion. Consider the following statistic regarding the floral gift market throughout the United States. It suggests that by the year 2025, the industry is expected to grow its revenue by 5%

In other words, even a sad circumstance is worth your attention when it comes to caring for your loved ones. Sending white lilies overseas to your loved ones in New Zealand could be just the thing to cheer them up.

2. The Larkspur Is a Happier Type of Flower

Often seen in an arrangement with a variety of flowers, larkspur can come in many different colors. While each bloom color can be a token of something more specific, this flower has one overarching significance: positivity. If you're celebrating love or any happy life milestone, larkspur is a great type of flower to include. 

3. Choose from Roses of Many Colors

Roses, of course, are some of the most popular flowers throughout the world. Each of the different colors of roses also has a specific meaning they symbolize.

White roses are similar in meaning to the white lilies. While their purity can be great for weddings or newborns, they're also an option to express condolences. 

Yellow flowers, on the other hand, are brighter and more positive in nature. They are used to celebrate friendship and fun. Red roses, of course, are a passionate color and are ideal for our special significant others. 

Red and white roses can actually be great gifts to spruce up a holiday, too. Check out this article for more details about how to spread holiday cheer to New Zealand with some fresh flowers. No matter why you're sending flowers overseas, there's a color of roses that could be the perfect expression.

4. Consider the Tall, Narrow Delphiniums

These blueish purple blooms are also often used as a part of a bigger floral arrangement. They add a wonderful level of cheerfulness and joy to the bouquet. 

Delphiniums are also the worldwide-recognized flower associated with being born in July. If your loved ones in New Zealand are expecting a little one this month, send them an arrangement that includes delphiniums. These happy little blooms can bring encouragement and joy to the growing family. 

5. Alstroemeria 

If you're looking for a type of flower that has a more solemn significance, consider alstroemeria. This flower can also come in a variety of colors - for the most part, purple or pinkish.

While these bright blooms can still be used in a celebratory way, they can also be a symbol for a deeper kind of encouragement. In a way, they represent the strength it takes to get through the trials and tribulations of this life. That can make them the perfect gift for graduations or promotions, for instance. 

6. Baby's Breath (Gypsophila)

While this is another flower likely to only be found within a wider arrangement of various types, it's still worth noting. The simple white blooms of this flower are smaller. As a result, they do a great job of representing innocence and purity. 

It might be obvious to note that Baby's Breath can be perfect to celebrate newborns like delphiniums are. Baby's Breath can also just be perfect for celebrating friendly or familial types of bonds. If you're looking to send flowers without coming across as cheezy or overzealous, the softness of these blooms can help. 

7. Carnations Also Come in Many Colors

The last type of flower you might think about sending to New Zealand is that of the carnation. A good tip to remember when choosing the color of carnations to send is that the darker the shade, the deeper the meaning. 

For instance, deep red carnations can be more ideal for passionate romances. White or light pink carnations, though, can be a friendly congratulations for a recent wedding. Take the time to think about your genuine reason for sending flowers to New Zealand before choosing the best type. 

Send Different Types of Flowers to New Zealand More Often

You're now familiar with the different types of flowers and their symbolism. Armed with that knowledge, you can now send your loved ones in New Zealand flowers on a regular basis. There's an ideal floral arrangement for any occasion. 

That's why we also encourage you to work with our team of floral experts. We ship gifts like fresh flowers to New Zealand and dozens of other international locations. If your loved ones have a reason to receive flowers, we want to help you send the best arrangement possible. 

For that reason, take the time to browse through our website and blog at your convenience. We prioritize helping families like yours stay connected from all over the world. To start, check out more specifics about sending flowers and gifts to New Zealand any time of year.