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7 Types of Flowers to Send for Christmas

Are you thinking of sending flowers to loved ones overseas for Christmas?

Knowing how to celebrate the holidays with loved ones who are abroad can be challenging. Christmas is traditionally thought of as a time to get closer to those who are most important to you. But when you have close friends or family members living far away, holidays can feel a little less special than before.

Fortunately, modern technology has made it possible to hear someone’s voice from around the world and even see them with video chat apps. But maybe you want to do something for someone living abroad that has more tangible, physical significance. If this is the case, then sending flowers to those you love may be the right idea.

Unlike most Christmas gifts, flowers are affordable and you don’t have to package or send them yourself. Whether your loved ones are living across town or across the world, flower arrangements offer the perfect way to let someone know you’re thinking of them.

But which flower options are best for Christmas?

That’s the question this article will help answer. To learn how to choose the best flowers for the season, keep reading.

Colors and Symbolism in Christmas Flowers

You’re probably aware that different flowers and colors have different traditional meanings. Red roses are often used to symbolize passion, while white lilies might be indicative of innocence. When it comes to Christmas flowers, the different colors are often chosen for their religious symbolism.

Perhaps the most obvious color associated with Christmas is red. However, while the color might refer to romance or passion at other times of the year, during Christmastime, red is symbolic of the sacrificial blood of Christ. Since Christmas is the traditional celebration of Christ’s birth, red has come to be associated with it.

White is another iconic Christmas color. Besides being the color of snow, it also represents the peace in Christ’s message and the purity of the Christian life. And the color green is symbolic of the new and everlasting life promised in the Gospel.

Gold and silver are the colors of the famous Star of Bethlehem. Blue is a color associated with the Virgin Mother Mary.

Obviously, you don’t need to be religious to appreciate the colors of Christmas flowers and their symbolic significance. Red, white, and green also happen to be beautiful colors that anyone can enjoy, regardless of their personal beliefs.

7 of the Best Flowers to Send for Christmas

You now know a little about color and symbolism in Christmas flowers and decorations. Next, let’s take a look at seven of the best flowers to send someone for Christmas.

1. Poinsettias

The poinsettia is the classic Christmas flower. The big red, pink, and white petals are actually the flower’s leaves. The actual flowers are small and yellow at the centers.

Poinsettias make excellent cut flowers. Other types of flowers, like amaryllises or paperwhites, can be arranged around poinsettias in vases.

2. Hellebore

The hellebore, or Christmas rose, is a rose-like perennial flower that blooms during winter. It’s native to certain mountains in Europe and very beautiful. Despite being known as Christmas roses, hellebore are actually from the buttercup family.

Hellebore go well with poinsettias, as well as white and red roses.

3. White Lilies

You might not naturally associate lilies with the Christmas season, but the brilliant color of white lilies perfectly embodies the peaceful, hopeful spirit of the holidays. In fact, lilies are traditionally associated with the Virgin Mary. As an added bonus, their fresh scent goes nicely with the smell of evergreen and pine fragrances.

4. Cyclamens

Much like poinsettias, cyclamen flowers are deep red in color and thrive during the winter for as long as eight weeks or more. They require a little more care than other kinds of flowers to reach their full potential in blooming and lifespan. They need moderate and diffused light to develop and must be watered from the base rather than from above.

5. Amaryllises

Amaryllis flowers do best when they are displayed as potted plants, but as cut flowers, they add a sense of extravagance to a vintage, Christmasy vase. They look especially lovely with sprigs of holly or berry stems.

6. Paperwhites

Paperwhite flowers must be grown in shallow flower pots to thrive. They are extremely fragrant and very beautiful. As their name implies, they are white in color, and they pair well with more vibrantly colored blooms, like poinsettias.

7. Orchids

Orchids are incredibly beautiful and fairly well-known, although you might not think of them as Christmas flowers. However, they are very hardy flowers that look amazing at any time of the year. They will add an exotic splash of color to any wintry environment you display them in.

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The next time you need gift ideas for Christmas, look no further than seasonal flower arrangements. No matter what kind of message you want to communicate or to whom you’re sending them, flowers are the best way to show someone you care.

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