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7 Amazing Long Lasting Cut Flowers Best for Sending Internationally and How to Handle Them

Flowers are the perfect way to tell a loved one you’re thinking about them. Maybe you want to send birthday flowers for your mother or anniversary flowers for your partner. Regardless of the occasion, a beautiful flower arrangement never fails to put a smile on someone’s face.

But what if your loved one lives in another country? You’re going to need flowers that will last through the journey abroad and remain beautiful for the receiver to enjoy.

Keep reading to learn about the 7 amazing longest lasting cut flowers that you can send as a gift internationally and how to handle them!

1. Carnations are One of the Longest Lasting Cut Flowers

Carnation flowers are a perfect choice to send internationally. They are able to survive in a vase without giving them much attention, so they are able to last a lot longer than other flowers.

It is important to note that these flowers need time to fully bloom, so you’ll need to be patient before shipping them. But when they’re ready, they’ll make a beautiful gift for any loved one. These diverse flowers often symbolize growth and celebration, along with affection so it may depend on the occasion, but these could be the perfect flowers to send.

2. Protea Flowers

Protea flowers are so durable that they’re typically the last standing flowers in an arrangement. They can be placed at the front of a burlap-wrapped bouquet to absorb any jostling that might happen during shipment.

They’re also a beautiful flower that can be sent on their own and can last weeks in a vase. These flowers typically grow in South Africa and are sure to impress any receiver!

3. Calla Lily Flowers

Calla Lilies are another great flower choice for anyone who might not be able to do frequent water changes or don’t want to trim the stems. They can also withstand some neglect and will last through shipment.

These flowers also come in a lot of colors and make a beautiful arrangement. Consider calla lilies as an excellent option to put in your cut flower bouquet.

4. Cymbidium Orchid Cut Flowers

Orchids are a popular flower, and the cymbidium orchid is popular even in the fall and winter. They’re able to look lush all on their own and help to create shape and flair to any arrangement.

If these flowers are cared for in the right manner, they can last up to two weeks, which makes them a great option for your loved one abroad. The shelf life on an orchid can be much longer than other flowers, as long as they are kept in water.

5. Ranunculus Flowers

As we transition into the spring season, you’ll start to see a lot of flowers in bloom, including the ranunculus. These flowers are long-lasting and transition into a beautiful flower from tight buds as they develop.

These flowers look similar to peonies, but they are able to last a lot longer with the right kind of care. Plus, their beautiful layers of petals make them an attractive gift to send to someone you care about.

6. Fringed Tulip Flowers

Most tulip flowers are able to last for about a week with proper care and are beautiful to look at, and the fringed tulip is no exception. This is a great option for a bouquet that looks and smells like springtime.

These flowers have a distinct fringed area on the tips of their petals. A fringed tulip is very ornamental and creates a great variety to any arrangement.

7. Double Tulip Flowers

Similarly to the fringed tulip flowers, double tulip flowers last about a week, but will require care. These are beautiful and can be combined with many other flower types and fit in beautifully while bringing a splash of color.

These flowers won’t last as long as some of the others listed above, so it’ll be important to take care of them by changing the water and cutting them often.

How to Handle Cut Flowers for International Shipment

Preparing flowers for international shipment starts with storing your flowers in a cool place. It’s recommended that you keep the flowers in a fridge, so that they’re able to be cool without freezing.

The next step is to cut your flowers an inch or two to help extend their lifespan and keep them fresh for travel. You should cut the stems while they’re in water (using a shallow basin), and ensure no air enters the stem.

Trimming leaves off the stems will prevent any mold or bacteria from growing around the base of the flowers. Be sure to cut the stems every 48 hours in order to maintain freshness.

You will then want to wrap the flowers with rubber bands at the lower part of the stems. Put the flowers in a moist wrap before shipping them by using cotton wool that has been soaked or any material that will hold water for longer periods of time.

Finally, cover the fabric and flowers in plastic wrap or a plastic bag to keep the moisture, and then place them in a shallow box. If it’s a larger flower arrangement, you’ll have a few more steps.

Sending Cut Flowers Internationally Is Doable

If going through the steps of preparing your cut flowers seems like an overwhelming task, you can always opt for our delivery service.

If you do send your own flowers, remember to store your flowers in a cold place like the fridge and cut them before wrapping them and boxing them for shipment.

By choosing any of the 7 amazing longest lasting cut flowers listed above, you’ll ensure you’re sending a beautiful bouquet that will last!

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