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International Flower Delivery In Barbados


At ABCFlora we provide international flower delivery to any town or city in Barbados. We have more than 20 local florists located on the Island that will hand deliver all bouquet of flowers ordered for. Regardless of the location of the recipient of the flowers, they will get them the day after an order is placed. 


The elegantly cut bouquet of flowers will be delivered fresh and by hand by our local florists giving a personal touch to your order on delivery. Every order can be accompanied by a message from the sender, boxes of chocolate, teddy bears and/or fruit baskets. 


With over 1,000 florists scattered all around the world, ABCFlora is more than capable of meeting your demand for next day delivery flowers. Your choice of flowers in a bouquet can include orchids, roses, lilies, alstroemerias and so much more. 


Whatever type of flower that you want in the delivered bouquet, you can be sure that our local florists will be on hand to provide them. A premium local artisan florist will deliver your order the following day to your desired recipient and by hand. 


ABCFlora will not deliver bouquets through the post or via a courier service. That's not what we stand for as we believe that every bouquet is an extension of your love, passion and desire for the recipient, so all our bouquets are hand delivered by florists to ensure that they meet your expectation for international flower delivery.


The Beautiful Island Country Of Barbados


Located in the Lesser Antilles of the West Indies lies the Island country of Barbados. While widely regarded as an Atlantic Island, Barbados which is situated in the North America Caribbean area is also part of the Caribbean region. The name of the country is shrouded in a lot of mystery. 


In Portuguese, Barbados which is Os Barbados means “the bearded ones” which is the same meaning in Spanish where the country was called Los Barbados. This island country has a population in the region of over island 280,000 inhabitants who are mainly of African heritage. Barbados is a top-rated destination for tourists with four key towns offering the most tourist sites in the country.




Bridgetown is often referred to by locals as “The City”. Bridgetown is also the largest as well as capital city of the Island country of Barbados. The City is situated in the central region of Barbados in what is known as the parish of St. Michael. Bridgetown is notable as the commercial nerve center of the island with Broad Street being a major area for commercial activities. 


In The City, you have 17th century Parliament Buildings which are believed to be some of the oldest legislative buildings amongst the Commonwealth countries. Tourist can engage in duty-free shopping in Bridgetown which makes the town a major attraction for tourists on cruise ships wishing to purchase items in town before proceeding with their cruise.



Oistins is a town situated in the Southern end of Barbados. This town is a tourist location that is reputed for the hugely popular Oistins Fish Festival which takes place for a full week around Easter time each year. At this festival there are lots of activities that occur some of which include; boat races, fish-deboning tournaments and net throwing competitions. It's a time to celebrate the flourishing fishing industry in Barbados. 


In Oistins you have a Friday Night Fish Fry which features fish vendors frying and grilling fresh fish for tourists to buy. There are also live acts with music bands, comedians and other forms of entertainment on Friday nights. You are instantly put in a festive mood on a night out with family and friends. It is in Oistins that you can find several magnificent beaches like the Enterprise Beach as well as holiday rental homes and luxurious hotels.



On the West coast of the island country of Barbados in the parish of St. James is where Holetown is situated. This town is reputed for being where the very first settlers from England arrived on the island in the early 17th century. 


This town was initially known as Jamestown as it was named after King James I the king of England at the time and also the island's benefactor. To commemorate this historic period in time, there is the Holetown Monument situated in the town. 


In the month of February each year, Holetown plays host to a colourful, eventful festival to celebrate the arrival of the English to Barbados. This festival is known as the Holetown Festival and the event is marked by the display of a lot of music and craftworks. Tourists would love the local bars, restaurants and nightlife in Holetown.


Chattle Village


Also in Holetown is Chattle Village where you can treat yourself to exotic arts and crafts by locals. You can also go shopping at the international standard boutiques in the village. 


You have the Limegrove Lifestyle Centre which is an international class shopping mall where you can find some of the top retail brands from around the world. There are also serene restaurants in the mall where you can wine and dine with your family and close friends.



In the Northern part of the island country of Barbados is Speightstown which is situated at the parish of St. Peter. This town was once a major port used by England from the 17th century. At the time this town earned the moniker of “Little Bristol” due to the fact that trading ships frequently sailed from Bristol in England down to Speightstown. 


Speightstown got its name from William Speight who was the person that owned the land on which Speightstown is currently located. Speight was also an active member of the very first constituted Assembly in Barbados at the time of the British settlement. 

While generally regarded as a sleepy town, Speightstown is the second biggest town in Barbados. It is on weekends that the town truly comes alive when lots of local stalls are set up on the streets by street vendors wishing to sell their wares like fruits (both imported and local). 


There are also many beach front cafés, restaurants and bars where visitors can try out tasty local cuisine. The popular locations are Little Bristol Beach Bar, Orange Street Grocer, Jumas and Fisherman's Pub.


Occasion For Flower Delivery In Barbados


Barbados is without a doubt a very beautiful island country. It is a preferred location for many tourists wishing to experience the joy of an island wedding. The are also many different exotic flowers on the island which our more than 20 local florists know fully well. 


You can send bouquet of flowers to show your undying love for someone in Barbados and the flowers will be delivered by hand the next day by our local expert florists. 


One special occasion for flower delivery in Barbados is on Valentine's day. As you prepare to wine and dine that special person in your life on the 14th of February each year. You can place an order for a lovely bouquet of flowers on the 13th of February and that bouquet will be delivered right on time on the morning of Valentine's day. 


Another occasion for flower delivery that you can consider is for anniversaries. From birthdays to weddings and other anniversaries, you can send a bouquet of flowers to your loved one anywhere in Barbados and ABCFlora will have them delivered by hand.


Dozen Red Roses For That Special Person


No matter where your recipient may reside on the island country of Barbados, we will hand deliver a Dozen Red Roses to them. At a price of $139.95 (Tax Included), you can now show how much you care to your loved ones by sending them beautiful, freshly cut red roses. 


This is also great for winning over the heart of someone you admire from a distance. Red roses are the perfect gift to show someone that you love them deeply. ABCFlora will have these roses delivered by local florists anywhere in Barbados and by the next day of placing an order. If you want to include a flower vase with your order, you may do so at an extra cost.

How Can You Send Flowers to Barbados

It would only take you a couple of minutes to send flowers and gift items to your loved one in Barbados when placing an order with ABCFlora. Whenever you decide to place an order, you only need to follow these simple steps;


- You need to first select the bouquet of flowers and/or gift item you prefer. We currently hand deliver Dozen Red Roses to recipients in Barbados.


- Select you preferred date of delivery at checkout.


- Include a love message to accompany the bouquet as well as gift item.


- Decide on which gift item to include with the bouquet. Teddy bears, boxes of chocolates and fruit baskets are especially preferable for Valentine's day.


- Fill out the order placement form with details of the recipient, such as; full name, contact address and phone number.


- You should then proceed to make payment under a highly secure payment portal using PayPal or your credit card.

- Expect a call or email message from the recipient extending their “Thanks” for the flowers that were hand delivered to them by our local florists.


- ABCFlora will deliver bouquet of flowers anywhere in Barbados. You can expect deliveries in Bridgetown, Oistins, Holetown, Speightstown, Crab Hills, Hillaby, Crane, Greenland and so many other places in Barbados.