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Flowers and Gift delivery Service in France

Show your loved one just how much you care by sending them fresh bouquet of flowers. If you are abroad and your family resides in France, do not worry as ABCFlora international flower delivery will ensure that they get your bouquet of flowers anywhere they may reside in France and on the next day. All our bouquet of flowers are hand delivered by premium local florists. This way your loved one will receive the flowers fresh, enjoy them on delivery and indeed for much longer. 


ABCFlora does not rely on courier services for the delivery of our flowers. We have more than 1,000 florists in different locations around the world to ensure that everyone has the chance to relish fresh, lovely flowers from those that care and remember them. We also deliver flowers to any town or city in France.


For the most elegantly cut flowers derived from the best growers from around the world, you can rely on ABCFlora. 


So if you are living in France or you are staying overseas and you want a fresh flowers to France, ABCFlora is your best choice for international flower delivery. Our trusted florists will provide only the choicest flowers to be speedily delivered by hand to that special person in your life. 


How well do you know France?


Well, get to know France the way we do.


Viva La France!


France is a country of history, a passion for music, arts and diverse cultures. This country located in Western Europe is a land of lovely Mediterranean beach fronts, alpine styled villages and medieval looking cities. 


France is known for its racial diversity, historic monuments, classical arts, music and good food. France has many famous cities with lots of tourist attractions to look forward to. Its clement Mediterranean weather makes the country a tourist hub particularly summer time. 


Cities To Visit In France




The capital of France is the romantic city of Paris. This is a sophisticated city where love is expressed in so many ways. Paris has a population in excess of 2.1 million. This city comprises of people of different ethnicity. This makes Paris a very attractive city for holiday seekers looking to experience diverse cultures and also taste exotic cuisine. 


Paris is the home of world renowned fashion designers like Chanel. In the 3rd century BC, Paris was a Celtic town owned by the Parisii tribe. This town was then captured by the Roman legions and was then referred to as Lutetia. This city is also well known for its popular monuments such as the Arc de Triomphe, Notre-Dame cathedral, Orsay Museum, Louvre Palace & museum and the Eiffel Tower.




A 2016 census put the population of the city of Marseilles at over 860,000. This is a coastal town located in the south of France. It is known for being the commercial nerve center of France as it is reputed to have the largest port. This port is ideally suited for cruise ships, freight and also commerce. 


In ancient times, Marseilles was referred to as Massalia by the Romans and Greeks. Marseille also has some historic tourist sites. There is the Cathedral of Sainte-Marie-Majeure, the basilica of Notre-Dame de la Garde which was built in the 19th century, Canebière main street and the Old Port (Vieux-Port).




Lyon is an ancient city in the Eastern part of France with a population of over 513,000 inhabitants. This city is known to be a hot spot for tourists. It has the old town known as Vieux-Lyon, Presqu’Île and this town is also a Unesco-World Heritage site. 


The Romans were believed to have founded this city in ancient times and Lyon emerged from the meeting spot of Saône and Rhône. Lyon is a bustling commercial city as well as cultural center. 




Toulouse is situated at the South-west region of France. This city also has a population in excess of 475,000. Also known as the “Pink City” by locals, Toulouse is a city that was predominantly constructed with clay bricks. 


There are diverse tourist sites to visit in this city like Garonne River which is also a UNESCO World Heritage site. Toulouse also has the Old Town and the Capitole for visitors in the city to check out.




Nice is situated right at the slopes of the Alps. Also known as Nice la Belle, meaning Nice the Beautiful. This city offers a scenic beauty all year round, ome that should truly be admired by all. 


This coastal city located in French Riviera has a moderate Mediterranean weather was known to have attracted English elites way back in the mid-18th century. Nice is well known for the Promenade des Anglais or the “Walkway of the English” which is a seaside promenade.


Send A Bouquet Of Flowers For That Special Occasion


Life is to short and precious, so it is always important to express your love to someone you care about at the slightest opportunity. You can liven that special occasion with a touch of class by having flowers delivered by hand to that person you care about and ABCFlora will make this possible.


Bouquet of flowers can be delivered the next day for any of these special moments;


  • Valentine's Day: Express your love the right way with hand delivered flowers from ABCFlora. You can also add fruit baskets, fluffy teddy bears and boxes of chocolate to your order. Valentine's day is truly a special occasion for flower delivery.


  • Birthdays: Let someone know that you remember their birthday by sending a bouquet of flowers. Our reliable local florists in France will pick the freshest and loveliest flowers which they will deliver by hand to the person the very next day. So make sure your order is placed a day before the person's birthday, so that they receive their flowers on time.


  • Anniversaries: For your wedding anniversary for example, why not order for flowers from ABCFlora and have them sent to your significant other in France. It does not matter if you are residing in France or not, if your spouse is located in any town or city in France, our florists will find then and deliver their flowers by hand. Other anniversary occasion for flower delivery include child dedications, mother’s and father's day.


We Deliver Eventail Bouquet Of Flowers


Our local florists in France will deliver the best quality and freshest Eventail Bouquet of flowers. At a regular price of just $59.00 (Tax Included) ABCFlora will have this bouquet of flower delivered by hand in any town or city in France the next day and by our local florists.


Eventail Bouquet is a long stemmed bouquet in pink and white tones. This bouquet is composed of pink gerberas, pink lilies, white roses and foliage (sallal, asparagus plumosus and phylodendron).


We will deliver the Eventail Bouquet fresh so that the recipient can relish the fragrance of the flowers at the moment of receiving them and also for a much longer period of time.

How Can You Send Flowers In France


With ABCFlora you can send your order of Eventail Bouquet as well as accompanying teddy bear and chocolate gifts in no time at all. Placing an order will take you just a couple of minutes. If you are ready to place your order for Eventail Bouquet of flowers, all you need to do are the following; 

- First of all, you need to select the bouquet of flowers and/or gift that you would like to have delivered. The bouquet comprises of different flowers like gerberas, lilies and roses. You can request for the type of flowers you would want to be more predominant in the bouquet.


- Your desired date of delivery of the bouquet of flowers and/or gifts will be selected during the checkout.


- You can include a special message to accompany the bouquet of flowers and/or gift items.

- Gift items that you can include with the bouquet of flowers are teddy bears, fruit baskets and/or a box of chocolates.

- Next you will be required to fill out the order form providing relevant details of the recipient. The details would include the full name, contact address and phone number of the recipient.

- Once the order form has been filled out accurately, you will then need to proceed to the secure payment portal. At this portal you can make a secure payment using your credit card or PayPal.

- After payment is done, all you need to do is wait for either an email or phone call from the recipient of your bouquet of flowers to say “Thanks” for the flowers delivered.

- There is no location in France that we do not deliver to. Some of the cities in France where our florists will hand deliver high quality fresh flowers include; sending flowers in Paris, Marseilles, Lyon, Lille, Toulouse, Nice, Montpellier, Bordeaux, Nantes, Strasbourg and so many others.