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abcFlora: Making International Flower Delivery Simple, Fresh, and Stunning

Do you have that perfect someone for whom you'd cross oceans to show how much you care? The good news is you don't have to. 

Not with a company that delivers flowers internationally, at least. 

abcFlora is all about bringing smiles to people's faces around the globe. From America to Finland to France, abcFlora provides the perfect international flower delivery to show you care. 

But we know you will not trust such a task to just anyone. Want to know our secrets? 

Dive into the bouquets to learn what makes our international flower delivery right for you. 

International Flower Delivery Made Easy 

Just because someone is far away shouldn't mean they don't get gifts. Make gift giving easy with abcFlora. 

1. It's Simple

Finding and sending a gift overseas is exhausting. 

Not only does it take weeks for the gift to pass through customs and arrive at its destination, but the gifts that can be sent are limited. Nothing breakable. Nothing that can expire. 

It takes many fantastic options away. 

But sending flowers through abcFlora is as easy as, well, A, B, C. Choose the delivery location from our website, then peruse the flowers we offer in that country.

Look for flowers appropriate for the occasion and choose ones with deeper meanings to show your emotions. The main point here is to consider the person who will receive them. What would make him or her happiest? 

When you've decided on the bouquets that say exactly what you want them to, place them in your cart. Add in a personal message for the personal touch.

Then, pick a delivery date, pay and wait for a thank you! 

2. All Fresh Flowers

It's difficult to provide anything "fresh" to someone in a different country. Except that it isn't. 

We know your loved one deserves the best flowers we have to offer, and that's why all our florists provide only freshly-cut bouquets. We want flowers that will last as long as possible, which is why we work with over 1,000 florists worldwide. 

3. Only Hand Deliveries

The employees of abcFlora believe that the gift you choose is an extension of your emotions. That gift should be handled with care and with respect. 

For that reason, we never deliver our bouquets through mail or other services. Instead, our local florists hand deliver the flowers to your loved one or friend. 

3. Efficient and Friendly Services

You want your flowers to arrive on time, and that's why we ask you what day you'd like them delivered. 

That means you'll never be late for a birthday or a holiday because someone is overseas. A quick search on the site will demonstrate some flowers can be delivered the very next day! 

The reason we can provide such quick service is because of the network we've created around the world. By working with local florists, we are able to provide fresh and streamlined flowers right to your family or friend's doorstep.  

4. Find New Destinations

Each week, new destinations are added to abcFlora. Our goal is to bring joy to family and friends regardless of the distance between them. 

Currently, we provide international flower delivery to:

  • France
  • Norway
  • Barbados
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • Sweden

Other countries are also available, and we are more than happy to discuss ones not listed with customers. 

5. Enjoy Wide Selections

You want your flowers to be perfect for that special someone, and we offer the selection to make that happen. 

Choose from a wide variety of bouquets and flower types depending on the location. We offer:

  • Roses
  • Orchids
  • Tulips
  • Lilies
  • Gerberas
  • And more!

Whatever the message, say it with the right blend of flowers. 

6. Choose Products Beyond the Flowers

Maybe the flowers aren't quite enough. 

If that's the case, why not choose from our other products, too? 

Find adorable teddy bears, glass vases and chocolates that are the perfect compliment to your bouquet. 

If it sounds cliche, don't be too worried. Studies reveal the happy emotions invoked by chocolate and flowers are real. In fact, one experiment clearly demonstrated individuals who receive flowers and chocolates create more oxytocin, a hormone related to empathy and relationships. 

We want to help you bring those emotions to the surface, and that's why we offer the best additions to your flowers of choice. 

7. Have Your Choice of Currency

Are you located in America? Canada? What about Japan? 

Instead of jumping through hoops and receiving additional fees because a company doesn't accept your country's currency, you can relax knowing abcFlora accepts six currency options. 

Choose from:

  • USD
  • CAD
  • AUD
  • GBP
  • EUR
  • JPY

Choose the correct currency at checkout without any headache. 

8. Help Communities Abroad

Our 1,000 local florists aren't only helping our customers. They also provide jobs in countries across the world. 

In Barbados, for example, we have a network of approximately 20 florists. The services offered by these florists aid the community at large, bringing smiles to recipients faces while also opening up opportunities for further business. 

Rather than relying on a chain store or international corporation, we make it a point to work with individuals and shops within the community. 

9. Dedicated Customer Service

Did you find out last minute your love is going to be away from the home that day? Are you concerned about the type of flower you're choosing or the delivery date? 

If so, our customer service representatives are available to help. Enjoy superior customer service with employees happy to resolve issues in a speedy manner. 

10. Our Commitment

The largest factor that sets abcFlora apart from the competition is our commitment. 

Our services are about more than flowers. Instead, our goal is to bring families and friends closer together, bridging the distance between them with intoxicating, beautiful gifts that demonstrate everything you want to say without words.  

Say It With Flowers

Some actions speak louder than words. That's why flowers have been a gift for centuries and now represent a number of emotions, including love and romance.

If you want to share your feelings, our international flower delivery service is right for you. Choose from our current locations and pick the flowers that will say so much more than words ever could.