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How To Design A Stunning Floral Christmas Tree

We all need a breath of fresh air.

This year has been tough for many people, but the holidays can bring a burst of joy. People start bringing out the boxes of decorations, and homes slowly start to transform into winter wonderlands.

You may feel as if you need to add an extra element of fun to your Christmas decor this year, and the best way to do that is by creating a floral Christmas tree. They are elegant and festive.

Are you unsure of how to get started? There's no need to worry because we have you covered. Keep reading below to discover how to create an incredible floral Christmas tree.

Develop a Color Scheme

Before you start purchasing a ton of crafting supplies, decide on a color scheme. Plenty of craft stores carry fake floral pieces that come in an array of colors so you have tons of options.

You can start by picking out a few key colors you use in your own home, or you can use the floral Christmas tree to introduce some colors you can't find in your home. It's the perfect excuse to get creative!

Is your living room mostly neutral greys? Spruce it up with blush pink florals and hints of yellow and red. 

Are you more into traditional Christmas colors? Decorate a tree with bursts of red flowers and gold glitter. Add lilies for a touch of winter. 

If you have multiple Christmas trees for different rooms in the home, don't limit yourself to one color scheme. Grab your family to help come up with different tree ideas to make sure everyone's taste is included.

Start With the Foundation

Before putting together your floral Christmas tree arrangement, pick out your tree. 

While it seems obvious, picking out the best tree for your space is crucial. You may have some trees already stored away, or you can use this as an opportunity to purchase another tree. 

A white tree looks great with brightly colored flowers. Full, green trees are nothing short of charming with traditional red and green colors. Skinny, tall trees like cute in empty corners of the home.

Once you decide on a tree, go ahead and set it up. Fluff out the branches after assembling it, and then decide on what lights you'd like to use. 

If you're using warmer colors in your floral arrangements, it's best to go with warm white lights. You can even purchase some that twinkle. Use cool white LED lights with winter flowers, such as snowdrops and pansies.

Remember that all the pieces on your tree should complement each other, including the lights. After you place your lights on the tree, the real fun starts. 

Grab Your Supplies

Now that your tree and lights are up, go ahead and grab your supplies. You'll need things like scissors, floral wire, zip ties, and ornament hooks.

You may not use all these things, but they are useful to keep around just in case! It's also best to grab a step stool and a cup of hot chocolate. Turning on holiday tunes also helps with getting in the spirit.

Take time to lay out all of your floral pieces. Whether you've decided to go with floral garland or large individual flowers, it's best to fully see what you're working with. Mess around with different arrangements on a table before placing things in the tree.

Start Layering

Just like winter clothing, you want to create layers. Trust the process along the way to reach the best results!

After the lights, your next layer will be your garland. This can be floral garland or tinsel garland, depending on the look you're trying to achieve. 

If you use chunky floral garland, sometimes that's all the tree needs to make a statement. When using thinner garland, you can later add large statement flowers to really amaze any holiday guests.

Once your garland is wrapped around and secured, start sticking your statement pieces in the tree. These statement pieces can include bursts of small flowers or oversized individual flowers you purchased. You may think you're putting too many flowers on the tree, but there's never enough. 

Mix up the colors you use around the tree. Don't clump too many flowers of the same color together. 

Use your floral tape and zip ties to secure down large pieces. Securing down individual pieces is extra important if you have curious cats. 

Get Extra Crafty

Other than the floral arrangements, use ornaments to add extra sparkle and shine to the tree. You can purchase them already covered in glitter, or you can exercise your creative muscles a little more.

Create your own ornaments by buying the simple glass ones and adding your own shimmer. Purchase packs of glitter and small bottles of paint. You'll also want to grab a large bottle of Mod Podge for your sealant.

Paint the plain glass ornaments whichever color matches your flower best. Once the paint is dry, dip them into piles of loose glitter. Use a paintbrush to spread the sealant over the dried paint and glitter.

You can paint fun designs on the ornaments. It's a great way to get your kids involved as well. Make sure to help younger kids handle the glass ornaments while they paint them. 

Step Back and Admire

Take a breath and smile as you place your final ornament. 

Step back and admire the final result. All of your layers should come together to create the floral Christmas tree arrangement of your dreams. The flowers, lights, and ornaments will have your eyes dancing in delight.

Make sure everything is secured down on the tree, and fill any holes you notice. After your adjustments, pat yourself on the back because you're done.

Christmas Flowers

Freshen up Holiday Decor With a Floral Christmas Tree

One of the best ways to take your holiday decorations to the next level is by creating a floral Christmas tree. The end result is a beautiful collection of flowers and shine. 

Start by creating a color scheme. Grab a tree you love, add some lights, and get to decorating it with floral arrangements. People will be begging you to help them create one for their home. 

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