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How to Send a Holiday Flower Bouquet to Europe

While you might have dreamt about traveling to Europe this holiday season, the continued lockdowns have put your holiday to a halt! 

You might want to meet someone special in Europe but will have to wait for another time. However, even though there's a travel ban for much of Europe there hasn't been a ban on international delivery.

Why not consider sending a holiday flower bouquet to a loved one in Europe this winter? Here's what you need to know:

What's The Best Holiday Flower?

There's no "best" holiday flower, however, you do want to choose what works best for the cold (and often harsh) winters of Europe.

There are many beautiful winter flowers that can bloom regardless of how cold it gets! For example, if you want smaller flowers with bright colors you can choose Pansies and Violas.

You can also choose the Winter Jasmine. This is a great choice for displaying in a home or on a balcony. The bright yellow of these flowers is a great way to lighten the mood during a gloomy winter.

If you love a great flower to send to a lover, you want to go with a Camelia. You can find these in pink, red, or white. 

Even if you don't choose these flowers, you will have a better idea of how to choose a holiday flower bouquet. It's also important to see what flowers you can send to a particular location beforehand.

You also want to consider the occasion for sending flowers. Are you sending it as a general surprise? Do you want to send it for Christmas or another winter celebration? Does your recipient have a birthday coming up during the winter holidays?

You also want to consider what type of flowers are popular in their European country. They might have a preference and will love it if you suprise them with it!

How to Send Your Holiday Flower Bouquet

Next, you want to choose the method to send your holiday flower bouquet to Europe.

It's ideal to choose an international delivery service specifically for sending flower bouquets. This service will know how to send flowers without damaging them. Such a service knows the importance of getting your flowers delivered as fast as possible.

At ABCFlora, we offer these very services. We specialize in sending beautiful flower bouquets across the globe, including all over Europe.

You choose the ideal holiday flower bouquet you want to send to a specific European country. Once you checkout as you would with normal online shopping, your flower bouquet will get shipped within 1 business day.

To make the experience great for your recipient, you can also offer complementary gifts with your holiday flower bouquet. For example, we have a great selection of glass vases you can choose from. This will get sent along with the flowers so that your recipient has a great display for the bouquet.

There are also additional gifts you should consider sending along with your holiday flower bouquet.

What to Send With Your Holiday Flower Bouquet

Your holiday flower bouquet is a way of making your recipient feel special. So why not complement the flower bouquet with a few great additional gifts?

First, you should always include a handwritten message with your bouquet. In this message, you can let your recipient know that you are thinking about them. You can talk about how you wish you could see them over the holidays and that you hope to meet soon.

You might also want to include a local souvenir for them. Souvenirs are something we love to buy when we travel. However, your recipient may wish to explore your home country, so why not send them a great souvenir to give them encouragement in the future?

Other great gifts include confectionary, stuffed animals, wine bottles, etc. Be creative with what you send. The winters in Europe can bring about cabin fever due to the harsh cold.

With the travel ban and lockdowns, your recipient in Europe might be feeling even lonelier than they normally would. Think about what you can give them to make them feel cheerful during this winter season.

Sending Your Holiday Flower Bouquet

As the holidays are approaching, you need to prepare now to send your holiday flower bouquet. Make sure you choose your flower bouquet at least a week in advance.

This way, your recipient will receive it when you intend them to do so. If you want them to receive the flowers and gifts by Christmas Day, make sure to send it as soon as possible as this is the busiest time of the year.

You also want to be aware that international delivery will be much slower due to the pandemic. You want to be even more prepared than you normally would. We are glad to advise you on when is the ideal time to send your holiday flower bouquet.

Make sure that you write down your recipient's address correctly. The address format in a given European country might be different from what you are used to. Ask your recipient or someone who knows them to give you the exact address.

As an alternative to sending the flower bouquet to an address, you can send it to a post office for your recipient to pick up. You don't have to stress if your recipient lives in a village or small town as we have experience sending it to such places as well!

If you are unsure if we can send your flowers, don't hesitate to contact us. We are happy to accommodate you and will find a way to send your flowers!

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Send Your Flowers Today

Now that you know how to choose a holiday flower bouquet, you can prepare to send your flowers today. We know how tough it is to be separated from your loved ones in Europe.

Sending them a lovely holiday flower bouquet will cheer them up and make the holiday experience more joyous.

Browse through our catalog today to see what holiday flowers we have in stock. If you have any questions about how to send your flowers, feel free to reach out to us!