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How to Send Flowers to Someone in Australia

As we go through this holiday season and move into 2021, it may feel even harder than usual to connect with your loved ones and friends. One way to show them that you're thinking of them is to send them a beautiful floral bouquet. 

Knowing how to send flowers to someone is the first step to brightening their day. You don't need a specific reason to send flowers to someone. The reason can be that you're thinking about them and want to show them that you care. People love receiving flowers, no matter the holiday. 

What do you do if you don't live in the same town as someone you want to send flowers to? What about if you don't even live in the same country as them? 

Read on to learn all about how to send flowers to someone who lives in Australia. No matter the distance, you'll be able to send a wonderful gift to a special person in your life. 

When to Send Flowers

Sending flowers is commonly attributed to when it's someone's birthday or Valentine's Day, but there are many times when flowers are an appropriate gift. In the Christmas season, sending a festive arrangement or plant can help spread holiday cheer. A lovely floral bouquet can really brighten up someone's table for the holiday. 

Another time to send flowers is to show your excitement about something. Did your friend get a new job or buy a home? A houseplant or arrangement would make that next chapter of their life even more special knowing you're thinking of them. 

With that in mind, different flowers have different meanings. Pink or red roses convey love and happiness, while a dark crimson rose is associated with mourning. Peonies are a very popular choice for bouquets and they mean a happy life. 

No matter the occasion to send flowers overseas or to someone local, keep the flowers you choose in mind and tie them to the reason why you're sending them. 

Popular Flowers in Australia 

If you're sending an arrangement to someone in a different country, it can be fun to explore what flowers are native to that area. There is a higher chance of them being fresher if they are grown in the same place. You don't have to worry about flowers being shipped in and potentially wilting faster. 

Flowers that are native to Australia tend to have earthy colors that are very bold. There are over 24,000 native plants in Australia, so there is plenty of native flora to choose from when selecting an arrangement.

One of the most popular native flowers is the banksia. It is shaped like a candle and appears in red, orange, greenish-white, and yellow. Adding in a banksia flower will make the arrangement you send stand out and be unique. 

Eucalyptus is a common addition to floral arrangements and it is another plant that is native to Australia. Many people enjoy the scent of eucalyptus and it would be a subtle addition to any floral arrangement.  

One of Australia's most popular plants is the wattle. In fact, the golden wattle is the national flower of the country. The colors are green and gold, which symbolizes unity. Choosing a golden wattle for your floral arrangement is a nice gesture for your loved one. 

Floral Arrangement Care

It's common to feel frustrated when receiving a floral arrangement because they can often die quickly. There are a few ways to increase the life of your flowers.

Make sure that you change the water often, about every 2-3 days. Monitor the water level to ensure your vase doesn't dry out. You don't want your flowers to wilt. Changing the water will also avoid any of the bacteria that tend to grow in stagnant water. 

Another way to increase the life of your flowers is to trim the ends. Do so carefully as to not disturb the design of the arrangement. Exposing the fresh tissue at the ends of the stems will enable them to drink up the water easier. 

Have your flowers in a place that is out of direct sunlight and heat. Bright light will unfortunately cause them to wilt faster. An arrangement by fruit or vegetables will also cause them to drop their petals as they're exposed to the gas the food outputs. 

Many floral arrangements come with a packet of flower food. Add that to the water as well. Not only will it give the flowers nutrients, but it will also help protect against bacteria in the water. 

After your flowers have dried out, wash the vase thoroughly in hot, soapy water or your dishwasher. That will make sure all bacteria is gone from the vase and won't ruin the next bouquet you put in it. 

How to Send Flowers to Someone

Sending flowers to someone who lives on the other side of the planet may seem like an impossible task. Thanks to the internet, it is possible! abcFlora makes it possible to send flowers overseas, including Australia. They work with local florists who will hand-deliver the bouquet to your loved one. 

Ordering online through their system is easy. Choose a bouquet from one of the many available on their website. You will be able to pick the delivery date during the checkout process. Also, you can add chocolates or even cakes to your order. 

You will also be able to customize the card that comes with your flowers. Sending flowers is easy as few clicks. Many cities in Australia are within the abcFlora delivery area, including Sydney, Perth, Canberra, and Melbourne. 

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Pick a Bouquet Today 

Knowing how to send flowers to someone who lives overseas is the first step in making their day brighter. Everyone loves to feel special, and receiving a bouquet for any reason is a good way to make your affection known. 

abcFlora is here to help you send arrangements anywhere in the world, including  Australia. Contact us if you have any questions and we will help you set up your order.