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How to Send Flowers to the USA From India Without Wasting Time

Americans love flowers as much as they love freedom. Americans grew $4.8 billion worth of flowers in 2020.

Yet this number accounts for a fraction of the flowers inside the United States. Many Americans received flowers from their loved ones abroad, including in India. You can send flowers to the USA, but you need to think about how to send flowers. 

What arrangement should you send abroad? How can you protect your flowers from damage? When should you send your arrangement? 

Answer these questions and you can put flowers in the hands of your American friends in no time. Here is your quick guide.

Select Your Arrangement 

You can send any flowers you want from India. The key is to select flower arrangements that won't get damaged during the shipping process. 

You should avoid selecting flowers with fragile stems and petals. Fragile flowers include violets, orchids, and Venus flytraps. Try to avoid sending these flowers internationally. 

You should also avoid very big flowers. Sunflowers, peonies, and poppies can be very big, making them hard to ship. 

You must follow the proper etiquette for sending funeral flowers. You should avoid sending very bright flowers like roses. 

Once you have the flowers you want, you need to arrange them in an appealing and safe shape. A bouquet can involve tying the stems of your flowers together with string. This will limit how big your flowers get and avoid damaging your arrangement. 

Feel free to attach other things to your arrangement. Some people like to attach teddy bears, snacks, and cards to popular floral arrangements. 

It is a good idea to attach a card so the recipient knows who is sending the flowers. Write a brief comment wishing the recipient well.

Protect Your Flowers

You can protect your flowers in several ways. You can wrap each one in a damp paper towel, which will keep it alive during the shipping process. You should also dip the leaves in cold water to give the leaves some nutrients. 

You cannot ship flowers with extensive amounts of water. You just want a little dampness so your flowers do not dry out. If excess water gets caught in the petals, you should remove it.

Place the stems in a plastic bag so they stay together. You can use a small piece of twine or tape to keep the bag closed. 

You can ship your flowers inside a vase. But you should wrap a foam sheet or bubble wrap around the vase. You should also label your package with a fragile sticker so the shipping service knows what is inside.

Find a Good Shipping Package

The best package for flower shipments is a corrugated box. The box should let you secure flowers against a wall so they do not move around as the box moves. You can use cable ties or pieces of plastic to keep your flowers down.

The box should have thick walls that do not bend. If you're worried about it breaking, you can place a few packaging peanuts between your arrangement and the walls. 

Make sure your box is secure without gaps in the corners or edges. You should then use thick pieces of tape to seal the box completely. Write a label on the box that describes what is inside.

Hire a Shipping Service

Many online companies allow you to start sending flowers from India. Do not just hire the first company that comes up on Google. 

Try to find a company that offers fast services at an affordable price. Read customer reviews and assess what the price range and delivery schedule for the company are like. 

Using a shipping service does not mean you are uninvolved in the process of sending flowers. You should read an international flower delivery guide and follow its steps. 

If you can't find a shipping service, you can get flowers to someone in a different way. You can order flowers from a florist near your recipient and ask them to deliver the arrangement to their house.

Time Your Shipment

Shipping flowers over international borders takes time. It can take weeks for items to reach the United States because it is across the Pacific Ocean. Priority shipping may take a few days, but delays can still occur. 

Try to pick a time when shipments are not in-demand. Sending flowers in June is easier than sending flowers in December because there are fewer orders. 

If you plan on sending flowers for someone's birthday, you should plan a month or so out. It is better that they get flowers before their birthday than afterward. They may think you forgot about them until their gift arrives. 

If you are sending flowers due to a sudden event like a death, you should act right away. You should ask for a priority shipping option and explain your situation. You should also call the recipient on the phone to wish them well before the flowers arrive.


Send Flowers to the USA

You can send flowers to the USA without stress. You should find an arrangement that won't break and will be easy to ship. 

Protect your flowers with moist paper towels and plastic bags. You can use a cardboard box to ship, but it should be corrugated with thick materials. 

Do some research on shipping companies and then select one that offers priority shipping. Time your shipment so your arrangement arrives with time to spare. 

You can stay at home while shipping flowers abroad. abcFlora has a team of more than 1,000 florists around the world. Contact us today.