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How to Send Flowers to the UK: The Best Flowers to Send

There are 50 million expatriates around the world. Expatriates (also known as expats) are people who move from their native country to live and work abroad. 

If one of your loved ones is an expat in the United Kingdom, now is the time to send them some love, especially with the holidays coming around. And what better way to show you care than to send flowers to the UK?

Today, we're helping you do just that with this guide. We'll walk you through how to send flowers to your loved one. Plus, we'll tell you the top flowers everyone wants to receive this season.

Ready to impress your loved one with the perfect flower shipment? Then you better keep reading for everything you need to know. 

Florist preparing bouquet.

Send Flowers to the UK With ABC Flora

ABC Flora makes it easier than ever to send flowers abroad. All of our UK flower shipments always go out the next day. That way, your loved one won't have to wait for long to see the beautiful flower arrangement you created for them. 

Here's how it works when you send flowers overseas with ABC Flora. 

Pick Your Bouquet

The first step to sending flowers to the UK is to choose your bouquet. ABC Flora offers an impressive array of beautiful flower arrangements in various colors and at various price points. Whether you need roses, daisies, or lilies, we have the flowers to suit your needs.

Not sure what type of flower arrangement your loved one prefers? Keep reading to the end of this article for the best flowers to send to the UK. 

Choose a Delivery Date

Once you've chosen your beautiful flower arrangement, it's time to check out with ABC Flora. Choose the delivery date by when you'd like your loved one to receive their arrangement. We'll ship your flowers out the next day, so they always arrive on time. 

Add a Message

Don't forget to send a message with your ABC Flora arrangement. After all, your loved one will want to hear from you after so much time apart. ABC Flora has a special form where you can customize the message you want to send to your loved one in the UK.

Include a Surprise

At ABC Flora, we aren't just in the business of delivering flowers. We also have a range of incredible gifts for your loved one!

You can include chocolates and cakes, a fruit basket, or even a stuffed bear with your floral order. All you have to do is choose the gift you want to add on at check out. 

Complete the Order Form

The penultimate step to sending flowers to the UK is to fill out your recipient's details. This includes their address and any additional information our delivery people need to complete the drop-off. 

We offer delivery for most locations in the UK. That includes London, Liverpool, Bristol, Cambridge, Machester, and many other cities in the country!

Finalize Your Payment 

Once you've finished your ABC Flora order, all you have to do is pay. We accept credit cards and PayPal for all orders. If you prefer to pay more securely, we also accept some forms of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. 

The Best Flowers to Send to England

Now that you know how to send flowers to your loved one in the UK, it's time to pick out the perfect gift! We have a wide variety of floral arrangements. But with so many beautiful options, how will you ever choose?

We're helping you out below. Keep reading to learn about the three most popular flowers and arrangements our customers send to the UK. 

England's National Flower

Did you know that the national flower of England is the rose? If not, you aren't alone. A survey of 2,000 UK adults found that a third of respondents were unaware of this fun fact!

Give your loved one something beautiful and educational with one of our classic rose bouquets. We offer traditional red and white roses, romantic pastel roses, our best-loved rose garden bouquet, and more! 

Britain's Favorite Wildflower

In the same poll we mentioned above, the respondents agreed that lilies were the UK's second most popular flower behind the rose. Perhaps this is because the Lily of the Valley is one of the country's native wildflowers. 

At ABC Flora, we love the lily just as much as your UK loved one will. Our Purple Marble and White Beam bouquets feature beautiful lilies that will steal your loved one's breath away.

Or send a birthday surprise with our Birthday Bouquet. This special arrangement features Britain's second favorite flower, the lily. 

The UK's Most Popular Flower to Grow

Gardens are a staple for most UK homes. If that sounds like your loved one, give them a gift that will remind them of their favorite garden florals. 

What's the most popular flower grown by UK gardeners? We think it's the tried and true sweet pea. Sweet peas come in a variety of beautiful colors and smile-inducing fragrances. 

Many of our best-selling bouquets feature sweet peas. For example, our Color Splash and Purple Marble bouquets feature vibrant and fragrant sweet peas you'll love.

Order and Send Flowers Overseas Today!

ABC Flora is the absolute best way to send flowers to the UK. Whether it's your loved one's birthday or another special occasion, we have the perfect arrangements. Choose from bouquets with roses, lilies, sweet peas, and so much more!

Are you ready to place your very first order with ABC Flora? Click here to start your UK flower order right now.