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International Flower Delivery: How to Pick the Right Flowers

Today, there are over 8 million American expats living overseas. And there are countless others who have set out from their home countries to make a new life in another.

No matter where you're from, you've either left loved ones behind or are the ones who are still in the home country. Either way, there's no doubt you miss your loved ones a lot!

One way you can let them know you're thinking of them is to send them flowers through an international flower delivery service.

Do you need help determining which flowers to send though? Then not to worry.

Here are the things you need to consider when sending flowers overseas.

Consider the Occasion

In the past, we'd use flowers to send messages, as each one had a meaning attached to it. Today, we express our feelings through letters and text messages, but that doesn't mean the language of flowers is dead!

If you want to send flowers for specific occasions, then below are some of the best ones you can choose.


It's easy to send flowers for birthdays because there are birth month flowers, which are similar to birthstones! Here are the flowers associated with each month:

  • January: Carnation
  • February: Iris or violet
  • March: Daffodil
  • April: Daisy or sweet pea
  • May: Lily of the valley
  • June: Rose
  • July: Larkspur
  • August: Gladiolus
  • September: Forget-me-nots or aster
  • October: Marigold
  • November: Chrysanthemum
  • December: Poinsettia

Make sure to add some other flowers and foliage to make it a large and celebratory arrangement!

Valentine's Day

If you want to be traditional and classic, then deep red roses are perfect for Valentine's Day.

But if you want to go off the beaten path and wow your sweetie with something different, then you should consider tulips, orchids, hyacinths, or carnations. All these flowers also come in shades of red and pink, and you can sprinkle in some white flowers for some depth. Or you can just go wild with a rainbow of colors to perk your significant other up!


Whether it's your own anniversary or someone else's, it's always a nice gesture to send a bouquet of flowers. There's a strong association with romance, after all!

An easy flower to choose for anniversaries is roses. But did you know there are different flowers for every anniversary year? Here are some of them:

  • 1st year: Pansy
  • 2nd year: Cosmos
  • 3rd year: Fuschia
  • 4th year: Geranium
  • 5th year: Daisy
  • 10th year: Daffodil
  • 15th year: Rose
  • 20th year: Day lily
  • 30th year: Sweet pea
  • 40th year: Nasturtium
  • 50th year: Violet

Get Well Soon

It's never fun to be ill, so you want to send your loved one some bright and cheery flowers.

One great choice is the sunflower, as it's bold and big! Other excellent choices include tulips and daffodils, as well as an assortment of different-colored roses.


It's unfortunate, but tragedy can us at any time. It can feel scary, overwhelming, and even lonely, so you want to show your loved ones all the support you can.

Typically, you'd pick white flowers for a sympathy and condolence arrangement. Some good flowers to choose from include irises, gladioli, chrysanthemums, carnations, lilies, or roses.

Otherwise, if you knew the departed well, you can also send their favorite flowers. Or you can send more cheerful flowers to try and keep the recipient's spirits up.

Pick Your Loved One's Favorite Flowers

Besides their favorite colors, you can also opt for your loved one's favorite flowers if you know them. While certain flowers have specific meanings, much of this is lost on today's society anyway. So don't worry about sending the wrong message, especially if you're giving someone their favorite flowers anyway!

For example, sending your mom a bouquet of cheery sunflowers can be just what she needs if that's her favorite flower. It'll show that you do listen and remember small yet vital details about people.

With their floral favorites in their homes, your recipients will find it tough to be in a bad mood. And every time they look at the flowers, they'll think of you!

Think of Your Loved One's Favorite Colors

If you're at a loss as to which flowers to pick, and you don't know what your loved one's favorite flowers are, then a safe bet is their favorite colors. This also ensures that your flower delivery will have a nice assortment of various flowers in slightly different hues, which will be aesthetically pleasing.

Don't know what their favorite colors are? Then try to remember the tones they wear frequently, or the paint shades they use in their home. Either one is a sure bet, as the colors will match somehow!

Consider Your Loved One's Personality

Some people find big and showy floral arrangements fantastic, while others don't like them at all. So while a large arrangement might seem like a good idea, you need to consider how the recipient will feel about it. If your loved one isn't a fan of extravagant things, then a small bouquet might be more tasteful.

You should also think about how much space they have. A huge arrangement might not be practical if they live in a tiny apartment with the only spare room being a tiny console table.

Schedule International Flower Delivery Services Now

Now you know how to pick the right flower arrangements for your loved ones. By carefully considering the occasion, as well as your recipient's favorite colors, flowers, and personality, your flower delivery is sure to be a hit!

The next step is to schedule international flower delivery services. Make sure you pick the right company so your loved ones get the freshest flower possible!

Are you ready to send fresh flowers to your loved ones? Then get started now! If your desired countries aren't on the list, then contact us, as we can deliver in other places too.