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International Flower Delivery: A Step-By-Step Guide

There's no such thing as giving or receiving flowers haphazardly. Flowers always mean something—that's what makes them timeless. Flowers carry two meanings. They hold their own significance, and they carry the giver's emotion to the receiver.Perfect gifts come from sending the right message. Picking the right flower for the right occasion sets the tone for a great experience.

It's easy to recycle gifts today or gift-give as a formality. Flowers capture the feeling of a genuine, intentional gift.There's a flower for every occasion, and sending them abroad's never been easier. International flower delivery's the next level of gift-giving. 

If you're looking for the best flower delivery to stay connected with your loved one, we've got you covered. Here's how international flower delivery differs from other ordinary gifts.

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International Flower Delivery

There's a reason flowers are so beloved. They're universally accessible and span all geographies. They don't discriminate, they cater to any moment, and they're mystical.

Beyond their beauty, flowers impact people psychologically too. They trigger the following chemicals:

  • Dopamine
  • Oxytocin
  • Serotonin

Dopamine helps people see flowers as a token of appreciation, achievement, or reward. Oxytocin activates a sense of love, connection, and trust. It's impossible to get flowers without feeling more connected to the person who sent them to you.

Serotonin makes people happy. Having flowers in or around the home helps uplift and balance one's chemistry. Activating these chemicals makes flowers a gift that keeps on giving.

Which Flower Delivery Service Is Best?

While flowers symbolize special occasions, cheap flower delivery can make any moment special.

Learning how to send international flower delivery is an easy way for the sender to connect with flowers too. Here's how.

1. Set an Intention

What's the purpose of your gift? What are you wanting to say? There's a difference between Just because flowers, I miss you flowers, and Happy Anniversary flowers.

Knowing your intention can guide you towards the perfect arrangement.

2. Study Up!

There's no better way to connect with your loved one than learning about different flower species. Studying different flowers can help you best communicate your intention.

What you learn may even make you a better receiver of flowers next time someone gifts you! There's nothing like being able to identify the flowers in your bouquet. It sparks deep resonance. 

You have hundreds of thousands of global flowering species to choose from! International flower delivery shows you the world really is your oyster.

3. Consider the Season

Flowers have their own seasonal clock. Consider which flower works for the time of year you're in. Which seasonal flower will make a sure impact on your loved one?

Part of choosing the right flowers is knowing the right time for them. Considering the season ensures your chosen flowers pop.

White orchids can complement Norway's cool marine climate, or bright purple roses can be a sweet contrast.

4. Consider the Country

Flowers connect people to other people, but sending their country's flower can also connect them to their residing place. Living abroad is the perfect time to embrace different cultures. Sending the right flower can show your person how much you care about their international experience.

Sending flowers based on their country is profound. International flowers can deepen you and your loved one's experience with their environment. Consider it a chance to see a new kind of beautiful—nothing makes a more memorable moment. 

Norway's known for dark winters and the infamous northern lights. Which flower can brighten up your loved one?

5. Consider Your Loved One

Now it's time to put it all together. Imagine the arrangement. What does your loved one like? 

What type of flowers, messages, and colors best speak your intention?

Put yourself in their shoes. What would be best received by you at that exact moment?

If a certain flower represents your relationship, consider that. If you're wanting something different, now's the perfect time.

Send Flowers Cheap

There are over 195 countries and beyond 250,000 flower types to choose from. Abcflora covers all bases, with 1000 florists around the world. Here's how to know you've got the right company.

  1. They have diverse options
  2. They'll answer your questions
  3. They send flowers cheap
  4. They offer guidance regarding each country's flowers
  5. They help you coordinate times and days that work for you and your loved one
  6. They care for your arrangement
  7. They're communicative about your order

Cheap flower delivery doesn't mean cheap flowers. Many stray from international gifts because of shipment costs. There's a way to send thoughtful gifts without breaking the bank.

What You'll Need

Consider if your gift's a surprise or not. It may bring you comfort to let your loved one know, or it could be fun to coordinate with friends to make it happen. Regardless, the perfect international flower delivery needs a touch of coordination.

Once you've placed your order, be sure to follow through. Communicate with the company, your loved one, and/or their friends to make sure your flowers have arrived gracefully

Flowers Are More Than Flowers 

There's a reason why giving gifts is a love language—it's its own rewarding experience. International flower delivery allows you to participate in your gift-giving without having to be there in person.

People often say I'm sending love. Flowers make it so you physically can. They let love travel the world.

How will your flowers show yours? Your final arrangement may even wind up being more profound than you imagined.

No matter if your loved one's in Bahamas, NorwaySerbia or anywhere worldwide, see how we can send them flowers today!