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International Flowers: The 9 Most Popular Flowers in the World

Flowers are a great gift, and they can carry so much meaning. If your sending someone flowers as a gift, read this guide to the most popular flowers in the world.

We're here to help you learn the symbolism and importance of the flowers so that you can make the best choice when purchasing flowers today.

1. Lilac 

This gorgeous flower is a great gift in springtime, with its vibrant purple color. This is a great gift for a new lover, as it symbolizes feelings of admiration. Lilacs are symbolic all the way from Greek Mythology.

The botanical name of the flower is Syringa, which came from the name of a nymph from an Ancient Greek myth. In the story, the beautiful nymph transforms into a beautiful flower that smells amazing to hide from eager suitors. It's no wonder the lilac is still a sign of early love. 

2. Orchid

This unique looking flower makes for a gorgeous gift, as it is typically given as a stand-alone plant. We love that this flower comes in so many different colors, all offering different meanings. Overall, the orchid represents strength, luxury, and beauty. 

This is a great gift for any strong woman in your life that you admire. In ancient Greece, orchids were eaten as they were thought to provide fertility. This makes the flower a great gift for a pregnant mother as well.

There are 25,000 known species of orchids, which makes them impressive and interesting. 

3. Lily of the Valley

This small flower carries a lot of meaning. The bell-like flowers grow in clusters and give off a strong, clean scent. The legend of St. George and the dragon references the flower, saying it sprang up from St. George's blood during battle. 

The flower is also referenced in the Bible. When Mary cried after Jesus' crucifixion, it is said that these flowers sprouted up from her tears. Because of this, they are also often called 'Mary’s Tears’ or ‘Our Lady’s Tears’. 

These flowers are great gifts during springtime and are a meaningful gift for someone in grieving.  

4. Magnolia 

These gorgeous white flowers grow from trees and shrubs and give off a clean lemony scent. This flower gets its name from Pierre Magnolia, a 17th-century botanist who took an interest in the flower. 

The flowers represent perseverance, making them a great gift for anyone who is grieving or going through a hard time. The flower is commonly used in weddings and bridal bouquets because of its white color, a sign of purity. 

5. Rose 

The red rose is most popularly gifted as a sign of romance and love. This beautiful and delicate flower is wonderfully scented and comes in many colors, all with different meanings. A yellow rose is a sign of friendship and is a great gift for a new friend. 

In Greek Mythology, the rose was associated with Adonis, the god of rebirth. The rose is the national flower of England, as they represented the two most powerful families of the state, the Lancasters, and the Yorks. The two families eventually went to war, which was named The War of the Roses in 1455. 

Roses are often used in perfumes and lotions and also have some medicinal purposes. 

6. Iris

The iris is named after the Greek goddess who was the messenger of love, making it a great gift for newlyweds. The word iris means rainbow, which mirrors this beautiful blue flower that bleeds into yellow. While the blue iris is most common, the flower actually comes in many different shades. 

The flower is said to represent eloquence, making it a great gift for someone special in your life. 

7. Daffodils 

This flower is unique and beautiful with its trumpet-like shape and is named after a river god in Greek Mythology. These yellow flowers bloom in spring and form in clusters. They are known to symbolize friendship, making them a great gift for a friend's birthday, or just because. 

Because of their association with springtime, the flower also often symbolizes rebirth, and new beginnings, making it a great gift for someone who is expecting or a new relationship. 

8. Dahlia

These flowers are known for their full bloom, layered with beauty. Named after botanist Anders Dah, the Dahlia is the national flower of Mexico. It is native to Central America, Colombia, and Mexico. 

In Victorian times, the flower was given to signify that someone was ready for commitment. The flower now represents dignity and gratitude, making it a great gift for someone you want to say thanks to. It's a great addition to a colorful bouquet due to its full and striking bloom.

9. Jasmine 

The jasmine flower is small, delicate, and grows in clusters. For a small flower, they give off an amazing scent. The flower is Indonesia's national flower but is popular worldwide. 

The sweet scent is released at night, especially during a full moon. This flower is a great gift for someone sweet in your life with its lovely scent and image of innocence. In some cultures, the flower is given to someone who needs a bit of luck. 

Popular Flowers For Every Occasion 

Now that you know the meaning and history behind some of the world's most popular flowers, you can make an informed decision when buying floral gifts. Flowers are a great gift to give someone that will brighten up there day and let them know your thinking of them. 

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