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New Year Flowers

Whether you need nice flower decoration for a New Year at your office, reception desk, stylish arrangement for a New year party or a gift suitable for your relatives and friends you may want to know what is the difference between a regular flower arrangement and a New Year flower arrangement.


new year fireworks


New Year flower arrangements come in many types just like regular arrangements: centerpiece, vased arrangement, in a container (plastic or ceramic), may be a hand-tied bouquet, cut flowers or potted plants arrangement in a wicker holiday themed basket, in a wooden or paper box, low and high, compact and loose, table and floor arrangements, etc. However the most typical New Year arrangement would be low to medium vased arrangement to suit your table or desk. 


New Year's flower arrangements are pretty similar to the Christmas arrangements and it is not easy to tell one from the other. Christmas arrangements would be more traditional in style while New Year arrangements would give more color choice in colors, more freedom, more opportunities and possibilities to create for the floral artist.


Winter arrangements unlike summer flower arrangements usually come in colder tones. You will find lots of white and blue, white and silver colors in one arrangement to resemble the season with its freezing, frosty, icy and snowy weather. Red and green color combination is just as popular as in Xmas arrangements. 


Christmas centerpiece


There may be lots of gold in the bouquets, vases, spray glitter and ribbons resembling sparkling champagne you are probably going to have on a New Year eve. Little shining balls in red, gold, blue, silver with glitters and mirror alike used in New Year arrangements with the spruce and cones to match your New Year tree and bring the festive mood on.


It may be hard to choose the perfect arrangements for a New Year so here we have the best selling list of flower and color combination to help you with the decision-making. Top flowers of the season are roses, carnations and lilies with other flowers arranged.



New year flowers centerpiece


Whether you choose a wrapped bouquet or an arrangement in a container abcflora.com is always at your service to help you deliver warm feelings on a winter day celebrating.


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