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10 Reasons to Send Flowers Internationally This Spring

Spring is upon us; a time for warmer weather, blossoms and blooms.

And as we ring in the more clement part of the year, why not show a loved one how much they mean to you with some seasonal florals to brighten their day.

And if your loved one is overseas, this is all the more reason to treat them.

Here's why you should send flowers internationally this spring.

The Best Blooms

Springtime brings with it some of the most stunning, fragrant flowers around.

Along with the likes of the more widely known springtime flowers - daffodils, tulips, hyacinths, and azaleas - think outside the box and select less common blooms for that extra dash of surprise.

Choose bouquets of bluebell, allium, freesia, peony or crocus.

Mix and match these or go a little more contemporary and surprise him or her with a big bunch of just the one bloom for added uniqueness.

Mother's Day

Possibly one of the most obvious reasons to send flowers internationally this spring is as a gift for your mom on Mothering Sunday.

Coming up next month, the holiday is an annual chance to treat your mom to a glorious bouquet, celebrating both the season and the way you feel about the most special lady in your life.

And if you live in a different country to your mom, it's an ideal gift to arrange. Using a delivery service like ours, the blooms will be expertly arranged and shipped safely to your mom's door.

You'll prove to her that even though you're not close by, she is just as special to you on this day.

Father's Day

Fathers Day falls before summertime begins; so it's definitely another reason to send flowers internationally this spring.

While it may not necessarily be the traditional gift to send your dad for the annual holiday, men can enjoy some fresh blooms to brighten their day just as much as the ladies.

Guys are less proud about this sort of thing these days - but if you want to veer away from bluebells and daisies, there's plenty of 'manly' options too for your dad.

How about a deluxe opulent white orchid for example. Or for something truly unique, try a succulents dish.

Easter Flowers

Another springtime holiday coming soon is, of course, Easter.

If you can't make it to a loved one's Easter celebrations this year, because you're in different countries, why not send a bouquet to show you're still very much thinking of them.

It'll be a great addition to their Easter decor in your absence. And it will remind them that even though you're not at the table enjoying their holiday feast, you're there in spirit.

Look out for your gift in the backdrop of their Easter social media photos too!

An Alternative to Chocolate

With Easter comes gifts of chocolate! Chocolate is also the go-to gift you might send someone on Valentines Day (also a spring holiday) or for other occasions.

But chocolate might not be everyone’s cup of tea. So what should you send instead? Flowers of course!

The best part about receiving flowers instead of chocolates? No calories! No guilt! And they’re bound to last longer! 

Get Well Soon

It's very difficult when you are in a different country from someone and cannot wish them well if they're sick.

But it's a well-known fact that a bunch of flowers always does the trick and brightens anyone's day who is feeling under the weather.

Cheer up your poorly pal by shipping flowers internationally. It'll brighten their home and their spirits. And they’ll be feeling right as rain in no time. 


To know you’re in people’s thoughts when you suffer a loss can be especially heart-warming in a very sad time. And so, if someone in your life is grieving a death then send them flowers.

Lilies are the traditional choice when it comes to mourning but there are no hard and fast rules here. Sending any type of flowers internationally to someone far away who needs support and good wishes is thoughtful and kind.

Go traditional, by all means; or simply send them their favorite blooms. It won’t bring back what they’ve lost, but it will help them to know they’re in your thoughts. 

Break the Ice

Flowers can be a great way to heal a rift, say sorry or reach a stalemate.

If you're having a tiff with someone, and you want to bury the hatchet, why not send flowers to them this spring. It's a season for new beginnings after all.

I Love You

Spring is also a season for love and new life. And so sending flowers to express your affection for someone is always a great idea.

It's a tried and tested method and whoever you're sending them to will be delighted to receive a stunning bouquet this season.

The wonderful thing about a bouquet of blooms is that they're displayed to enjoy for days. And if your flowers say 'I Love You' they will be a constant reminder to the lucky object of your affections.

Brighten up the Home

Been abroad? Want to come home to a bright, sweetly scented home. Send flowers internationally to yourself so you can arrive home to a colorful abode.

Treat yourself! It’ll make coming home all the more welcoming. And if you live with someone, it’ll be a nice surprise for them to enjoy too.

Send Flowers Internationally This Spring

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