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Looking for the number one consumer of flower in Europe? Look no further than Norway, the country with the highest per capita consumption of flower far more than any of their continental neighbours. In the past few years, Norway have become a magnet for flowers with imported roses from as far flung places as East Africa easily found in the local market. Resultantly, the residents of this country are therefore among the savviest when it comes to ordering flowers.

At ABCFlora, we are perfectly positioned to deliver the freshest flowers to any destination across Norway. We have more than 1,000 florists around the world which ensures that you are connected to the most sophisticated cut flowers from the best growers.

At ABCFlora, we do not use courier services. When ordering flowers, your given detail about the recipient guides us to hand deliver the best cut and exquisitely prepared flowers through our list of premium local florists. We deliver flowers along with additional gift items including teddy bears, chocolate boxes, etc. according to your order.

ABCFlora is your best option for international flower delivery in Norway as we are entrenched in the florist community. We deliver perfectly cut flowers, both locally grown and imported cuts, from our stable of local florists in the country. We know that you are considering a thousand ways to convey your expression to your loved ones. Try sending a magnificent bouquet of flowers and observe the exhilarating reception.

We know Norway, we really do!


Norway mountains and lake
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Norway – The Land of the Midnight Sun

Norway is a lovely country located in northern Europe. It occupies a total area of 385,252 square km with a population of 5.2 million people. Its government system is a unitary monarchy. Norway shares international borders with Sweden, Finland, and Russia. It also has a water bound border with Denmark across the Skagerrak Strait to the south. Norway has a long coastline along the Barents Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean.

The first humans arrived in Norway after 7,000 BC at the end of the last ice age. During the 9th century, Vikings from Norway raided Scotland, England, Ireland and France. The hardy Norwegians took longer than the other Scandinavian states to become a united country. The process of uniting only started after the disastrous battle of Stamford Bridge in Yorkshire, England which permanently ended Norway’s political involvement abroad.

Norway was converted to Christianity in the 11th century. The country experienced a long period of peace and stability under King Haakon IV (1217-1263). During this period, Norway became great and annexed both Iceland and Greenland. In the 1530s, the Reformation wave extended to Norway and the Norwegians switched to the Lutheran doctrines.

From the 16th to the 18th century, trade and commerce in Norway grew. The towns also grew as a result. Norwegian agriculture and its timber industry flourished, and the merchant fleet grew rapidly that by the end of the century it was the third largest in the world after the American and the British.

Although Norway remained neutral during the First World War and the Second World War, the country was not spared from the ills of both wars. Unrestricted German submarine warfare destroyed half of the Norwegian fleet in the first war while the Germans invaded Norway outrightly in the second war and occupied the country for the rest of the war.

Norway soon recovered from the war and the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s were years of prosperity. The country achieved full employment and in the 1970s, Norway began to exploit vast reserves of oil and gas found in the North Sea.

Modern Norway is a very wealthy country with its people having a high standard of living. The country weathered the global recession of 2009 with very minimal adjustment unlike many of their neighbours. Unemployment in Norway is quite lower than in most European countries and the country’s social security system is well funded with proceeds from its huge oil funds.

The cities of Norway are all well-developed with modern infrastructural facilities. Thus, the population of these cities enjoys high standards of living. Here we describe the five biggest cities in Norway.

Top 5 Largest Cities of in Denmark


Oslo, Norway’s largest and capital city, was founded in 1040 as a trading place. Currently, the city is the hub of industry, shipping, banking, and trade in the country. Oslo has been ranked as a Beta World City and regarded as a global city. The city is regarded as the world’s second most expensive city after Tokyo. Oslo is currently Europe’s fastest growing city as the population is increasing at record rates. Relatively high birth rates and high rates of international immigration have influenced the population growth in Oslo.


Bergen, situated in Hordaland on Norway’s west coast, is the second biggest city in Norway. According to tradition, the city was established by King Olav Kyrre in 1070. Bergen was Norway’s largest city until the 1830’s when Oslo replaced Bergen as the biggest city. Currently, the Bergen Port serves over half a million passengers annually making it the busiest port in the country. The Bergen Airport, Bergen Line terminus, and Bergen Light Rail are located within the city municipality.


Trondheim is situated in the Sor-Trondelag country, at the mouth of the river Nidelva. It is the third most populous city in Norway. It is the administrative center of the Sor-Trondelag county. Trondheim features the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), St. Olavs University Hospital and other renowned technology-oriented institutions. The city was founded as a trading post in 997 and during the Viking Age it served as the capital of Norway till 1217.


Stavanger is the administrative center of the Rogaland county and the fourth biggest city in Norway. The city, widely believed to have been established in 1125, houses many 18th and 19th century heritage buildings which are regarded as the city’s cultural heritage. The oil industry is a key industry operating in the city, and thus Stavanger and the surrounding areas are known as the Oil Capital of Norway. The city also hosts several higher education institutions with the largest being the University of Stavanger.


Baerum is in Norway’s Akershus county and ranks as the fifth biggest city in Norway. The city was founded relatively recently in 1838. The city has the highest proportion of university-educated individuals and also the highest income per capita in the country. Bærum is one of the most expensive residential municipalities in Norway and is known for its fashionable residential areas. It is regarded as the best place to live in the country.

Occasions for Flower Delivery

ABCFlora provides an All-Occasions international flower delivery service. Whatever the occasion, we will help you to find the right bouquet to express the right sentiment.

Some bouquets available in Norway

Ranunculus Gift Wrapped
-Regular price $41.95 US dollars

The Ranunkel bouquet is hand-bound by our skilled decorators and is nicely wrapped in cellophane. The flowers are supplied in a protective box along with the durability, prepared by our local florists in Norway.

30 Tulips in Mixed colors
-Regular price $44.95 US dollars

Bouquet with 30 stems of beautiful tulips in mixed colors nicely tied together and gift pack. The tulip bouquet is hand-bound by our skilled decorators, and nicely wrapped in cellophane. The flowers are supplied in a protective box along with the durability, delivered by a local florist in Norway.

Purple and Pink Roses
-Regular price $44.95 US dollars

Beautiful roses in various pink and purple (some lavender) shades tied together for a beautiful bouquet. When choosing Fairtrade-branded roses, you help to improve the working and living conditions of the workers in some of the poorest parts of the world. The flowers are hand-bound by our skilled decorators, and nicely wrapped in cellophane, this bouquet can be delivered anywhere in Norway.

White Orchid in Pot
-Regular price $69.00 US dollars

Beautiful white double stemmed Phalaenopsis orchid in white porcelain delicate series. Orchids are very durable, this one has been enjoying for a long time. Delivered anywhere in Norway by our local florists’ network.

How You Can Send Flowers in Norway

For anyone thinking of ordering flowers for a loved one in Norway, this is very convenient with ABCFlora. You can select from many bouquets of fresh flowers to send to a loved one, with ABCFlora’s premium international flower delivery service. You can send flowers for every special occasion, as flowers are well known as a sign of affection. You are sure to find something in our store that will brighten someone's day.

Ordering flowers and gifts in Norway only takes couple of minutes with ABCFlora. When you are ready to place the order all you need to do is:

- Pick the bouquet or gift you like more, from roses, gerberas, lilies and more.

- During the checkout you can choose the desired delivery date.

- Add the message you want to include with the flowers/gift.

- Choose for some extra gifts like chocolates, fruit baskets or teddy bears.

- Fill order form with recipient's details.

- Proceed to pay securely with your credit card or PayPal.

- Wait thle call or email from recipient to say Thanks for the flowers delivered.


Flowers can be delivered from any country worldwide to Norway, for example you can send flowers Sweden, or gifts from Finland, and even plants from Denmark. You can say with flowers, you will bring happiness to your loved one.