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What's the Best Way to Send Flowers to France?

Are you wondering how to show your loved one overseas that you care? The distance can be hard, but it also makes the heart grow fonder, right?

Luckily, international shipping makes it easy to send well wishes abroad.

Flowers are the universal gift for every occasion. Whether you’re sending birthday wishes or condolences, a bouquet shows you care. When you send flowers to France, there are some things you should know.

Want to learn how to choose the right bouquet for your loved one and how to get them there on time? Keep reading for everything you need to know.  

Why Should I Send Flowers to France?

There are 3.6 million foreigners living in France. Your loved one could be one of those residents. If there’s a special occasion coming up, consider sending flowers.

Flowers are perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, congratulations, and expressing gratitude.

They’re also the best way to share your condolences after a loss. Regardless of what your overseas loved one is going through, sending your well-wishes to them is meaningful.

Perhaps your friend or sibling moved to France for university or a job. They could be feeling homesick and lonely. Flower delivery is a thoughtful way to cheer them up.  

Eiffel Tower in Paris France

How to Send Flowers to France from the USA

France is an especially popular destination for Americans. It’s not uncommon for US residents to have loved ones living in the land of great wine.

When you want to send flowers overseas, there are specific steps to follow.

1. Select a Delivery Company

First, you need to choose a reliable delivery company. There are thousands of flower shops that ship internationally. But, they’re not all equal in quality.

You want a company with international shipping options. This could mean they have locations in other countries. Or, that they correspond with local florists in different cities.

Sometimes, they ship the flowers from the US to other countries. This is risky because the flowers can easily get damaged in transit. It’s best to work with a florist in the city your recipient lives.

Most flower deliveries in France come from florists in major cities. For example, Lyon, Paris, Toulouse, Nice, Bordeaux, Nantes, and others.

2. Choose the Bouquet

Flower bouquets can say what you have trouble articulating. Whether you want to express your romantic love or sincere condolences, there’s a bouquet for you.

For example, when sending a birthday bouquet, consider their birth month. Just like birthstones, there are flowers for each birth month. January is carnations; February is violets; March is daffodils, and so on.

If you're sending someone romantic love, red roses are always a good idea. But, other lustful flowers include orchids and tulips.

When it comes to condolences, classic beauties are the way to go. Consider white, blue, or green roses, lilies, or chrysanthemums.

If your loved one is recovering from illness, send them flowers in bright colors. You want to lift their spirits and remind them that things will get better. Marigolds are great because they represent resilience.

3. Write a Note

You can make your bouquet even more special by adding a custom note. Why settle for “Happy Birthday” when you can make it more personal?

Most florists will give you the option to add a personal note to your delivery. Although it won’t be in your handwriting, it is a message from you to the recipient.

At the very least, you should ensure the note has your name. This way the recipient can easily find out who sent them such a lovely gift.  

4. Select Your Shipping Preferences

It’s crucial you choose the correct date and time for your delivery. Remember, international florists need ample time to prepare your bouquet and deliver it.

If possible, place your order at least 48 hours before the delivery date. If you need urgent, express shipping, prepare to pay more.

Also, consider when and where your recipient will be to receive the flowers. If they’ll be at work, make sure you have the correct address. Or, find out when they’ll be at home.

5. Consider Add-ons

Many florists offer more than just flowers for delivery. They might also do fruit baskets or pantry staples gift boxes.

You don’t have to do flowers if another gift would suit your loved one more.

Plus, there are often little add-ons you can add to the order. Perhaps the recipient would appreciate some gourmet chocolate with their Valentine’s flowers.

Some bouquets come in a vase of your choosing. There will likely be a base price vase that is simple yet durable. Then, there are optional vases that are more artistic and unique.

Spending a few extra dollars on these add-ons increases the value of your gift. Depending on the occasion, some extra investment can go a long way.


French street with flowers.


Which Flowers Are Native to France?

Since your loved one is in France, local florists will be choosing from flowers native to the country.

Not only does France have world-renowned wines and cheeses, but it also has some of the most stunning flowers. For example, lilies, rosemary bushes, and red poppies.

In typical Parisian bouquets, you’ll find flowers sourced from local markets. There's plenty of daffodils, peonies, and irises. Roses are also very popular as well as tulips and cherry blossoms.

Take advantage of the gorgeous flower species native to France. Not only does ordering from a local florist ensure they arrive on time, but the flowers are fresher. They go from the garden to your recipient's door in no time.


Flower shop in France.


Are You Ready to Send Flowers to France?

Sending flowers is a beautiful gesture to show your love and care. Whether your loved one is in France for school, a job, or prolonged getaway, sending a bouquet is a thoughtful act.

You can take advantage of the stunning flowers in France by ordering from a local florist.

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