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The scent of fresh flowers is incomparable in the natural world. At ABCFlora, we rest you assured that our highly experienced florists know this better than anyone and take great care to ensure that all of our bouquets are delivered in a fresh state. Our team of local florists will deliver freshly cut flowers next day from order anywhere across the globe, including sending flowers in Sweden.

When you order flowers from ABCFlora, your recipients are certain to be served the best quality fresh flowers from any of our team of 1,000 local florists closest to them. When you order flowers, we deliver the next day. ABCFlora offers international flower delivery services to many locations worldwide and our package includes floral bouquets, flower arrangements, and gift items.

Our customers have used ABCFlora over the years to send flowers and gifts to their loved ones across the globe. Our value proposition includes our reliable service, partnership with trained florists, quality of our flower bouquets and capacity to deliver flowers and gift items anywhere in Sweden the next day after order. Our top of the range packages includes exquisite flowers such as roses, tulips and several seasonal flowers.

With about 1,000 local florists as our partners, we are your most reliable floral network for sending flowers inward or outwards Sweden.

Occasions for Flower Delivery

ABCFlora provides an All-Occasions international flower delivery service. Whatever the occasion, we will help you to find the right bouquet to express the right sentiment. Send Flowers to all your friends, family or loved ones. Send flowers for all occasions including for birthdays, funerals, weddings, Valentine and special occasion. You can even send flowers just to say thank you as a gesture of appreciation.

Now, what do we know about Sweden?

Sweden – Or Isn’t That Sverige?

Sweden is a Northern European country located in Scandinavia. It is the third largest country in the European Union by land mass. The total population of the country is about 9.9 million people giving it a low population density of about 21 inhabitants per square km. Sweden is a highly urbanized country with 85% of the population living in the urban areas of the country. Swedish cities are highly developed with excellent infrastructural facilities and the citizens of the country enjoy a very high standard of living.

From 8,000 BC onwards, the area known today as Sweden became populated by people who lived by hunting, gathering and fishing. During the early Iron Age, the population of Sweden gradually settled into agriculture and began to form rudimentary economy and society. The 9th to 11th centuries brought about the Viking Age which was characterized by substantial expansion of development largely toward the east. The Vikings extended their contact as far as the Black and Caspian Seas and developed trading links with the Byzantine Empire and the Arab kingdoms. Christianity spread to Sweden with a mission led by Ansgar, who visited in the 9th century. The country became fully converted to Christianity around the 11th century.

In the 14th century, the Kalmar Union was formed putting the three Scandinavian countries of Denmark, Norway and Sweden under a single monarch. The union lasted for two centuries. Swedish independence was reasserted in the 17th century with the church nationalized and its estates confiscated by the crown. The Protestant Reformation was introduced, power became concentrated in the hands of the king and a hereditary monarchy came into force. Sweden became a great power in northern Europe and even founded a colony in what is now Delaware in the USA.

Despite the above, 90 per cent of the people still earned their livelihoods from agriculture. In the late 19th century, Many Swedes emigrated to North America. However, by the 1890s, industry had begun to take root in the country leading to a period of rapid development. At the end of World War II, Sweden had transformed into one of Europe’s leading industrial nations.

Today, Sweden is a wealthy nation with a vibrant economy and highly skilled population. The country is also a popular tourist destination with the old palaces and the midnight sun being the main attractions.

Top 5 Largest Cities of in Denmark


Stockholm is Sweden's capital and largest city. The city’s perimeter cuts across 14 islands situated on the southeast coast of Sweden. The city is also the political, economic, cultural, and media capital of the nation accounting for a third of the country’s entire GDP. Stockholm’s GDP per capita is among the highest in Europe. Stockholm is also regarded as a global city. Some top-ranking European universities like the Stockholm School of Economics, Royal Institute of Technology, and others are based in this city. The annual Nobel Prize ceremonies are hosted in Stockholm. The Swedish government and many of its numerous agencies are based in the city. The Stockholm metro has elaborately decorated stations and regarded as the longest art gallery in the world. The Stockholm Palace in the city serves as the official residence of the monarch of the country.


The second biggest city in Sweden is Gothenburg.The city is on the west coast of Sweden by the Kattegat. The city was founded by King Gustavus Adolphus in 1621. The Port of Gothenburg is the biggest port in the Nordic countries. The presence of well-known universities like the University of Gothenburg attracts a large number of students to the city. The Göteborg Landvetter Airport and the Göteborg City Airport serves the city and its people. The Gothenburg Film Festival held in January every year is the largest Scandinavian film festival attracting more than 155,000 visitors annually.


Malmo is Sweden’s third biggest city as well as the 6th largest among the Nordic nations. It is the cultural and economic center of the south of Sweden. Malmo was once one of the most of most industrialized towns of Scandinavia. However, it has struggled to adapt to post-industrialism. This is gradually changing as the city has attracted many biotech and IT companies in recent years and has undergone some major architectural developments. Numerous historic buildings and parks are also part of this city.


Uppsala is the capital of Sweden’s Uppsala County and is an ecclesiastical center of Sweden. It has been the seat of the Archbishop of the Church of Sweden. Uppsala University that was founded in 1477 is Scandinavia’s oldest center of higher education. The Celsius temperature scale was invented at this university.


Vasteras ranks fifth among the biggest cities in Sweden and is located on the shore of Lake Malaren in central Sweden. The city has a large number of industries and is also a logistics and retailing city.

Example of flower arrangements available for Sweden delivery.

-Regular price $59.95 US dollars

A festive floral assembly created by our team of florist to ensure that special moment lasts forever. Mixed pastel tones Lisianthus (eustoma) arranged with quality fillers and greens, for delivery anywhere in Sweden.

Deluxe Opulent White Orchid
-Regular price $72.95 US dollars

A wonderful white phalaenopsis deluxe orchid decoratively wrapped in paper. An expression of elegance and simplicity! This is the deluxe version of our top seller orchid for delivery in Sweden.

Opulent White Orchid
-Regular price $44.95 US dollars

The Opulent Orchid is a memorable way to send your feelings to friends and family. A stunning phalaenopsis orchid arrives with each stem lined in impressive white blooms. Decorated wrapped in brown paper. An expression of elegance and simplicity! These orchids are available anywhere in Sweden.

Joyful Spring
-Regular price $44.95 US dollars

Spring vibrant colors to send the message that is finally here. Yellow, Purple, Pink and Orange flowers mixed to create a uniquely creation by our local florist in Sweden, delivered directly to recipient door.

How You Can Send Flowers in Sweden

Sending flowers in Sweden is very easy with ABCFlora. You can select from array of bouquets of fresh flowers to send to a loved one. Whenever you send flowers in Sweden with our premium international flower delivery service, you are assured of a spectacular way to share smiles with someone special to you. You will always find something in our store that will light up your recipient’s face and transform the day. You can order flowers from anywhere in the world and we shall deliver to the doorsteps of the recipient in any city or town in Sweden the next day.

Sending gifts and flowers in Sweden only takes couple of minutes with ABCFlora. When you are ready to place the order all you need to do is:

- Pick the bouquet or gift you like more, from roses, gerberas, lilies and more.

- During the checkout you can choose the desired delivery date.

- Add the message you want to include with the flowers/gift.

- Choose for some extra gifts like chocolates, fruit baskets or teddy bears.

- Fill order form with recipient's details.

- Proceed to pay securely with your credit card or PayPal.

- Wait the call or email from recipient to say Thanks for the flowers delivered.

- We can deliver anywhere in Sweden including the following cities, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmo, Uppsala, Vasteras, Orebro, Linkoping, Helsingborg, Jönköping, Norrköping, Lund and many others. Flowers can be delivered from anywhere worldwide to any country, like sending flowers in Norway, or send gifts in Finland, or even send flowers to France.