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Send Flowers With a Variety of Payment Methods

At abcFlora, we appreciate your desire to express your feelings to a loved one who could be a family member, spouse, lover, or dear friend.

We know that words sometimes cannot sufficiently express how you feel. Words spoken on the phone or typed out and sent via social media platforms, may not be enough when it comes to showing someone just how you feel about them.

This is why we ensure that your words, passion, and feelings can be translated in the form of elegant, beautiful, and absolutely gorgeous flowers.

With us, you do not need to say much to your significant other, all you need is to send them a bouquet of freshly plucked, high quality flowers.

You can send flowers with PayPal to that special person in your life. A flower gift to mark a significant occasion, one that is worthy of celebration, like a Birthday, Wedding Anniversary, or Valentine's Day.


You could also send them flowers just because you miss them and care so much about their well-being. They will surely appreciate your thoughtfulness when you do so.

abcFlora offers you the opportunity to send flowers using a variety of payment methods. Bouquets of flowers, such as; Roses, Lilies, Gerberas, and Peonies can now be ordered online using eWallets, Card Payments, and Cryptocurrencies. These flowers will then be delivered to your loved ones wherever they are located around the world.

With experienced, competent and able florists in more than 30 countries spread out in every continent, you can be sure that your ordered bouquet of flowers will get to their intended target regardless of where they may be residing across the globe.


Payments Made Easy
There is nothing more comforting than laying back comfortably in your couch, checking out different types of flowers, and placing an order online. Payments made easy is what abcFlora offers you!
There is a definite assurance that comes from knowing that whatever bouquet of flowers you order for online is exactly what your receipients would get.
What's more, you can make payments for your order(s) in a variety of ways while on-board the official abcFlora website.
Placing an order is easy, you only need to fill out a simple form providing details of your order as well as the Name, Location/Address, and Phone number of the receipients of your flowery gift.
You are then taken to a highly secure payment portal on the site, one that is protected by high-tech firewalls to ensure that you can make your payments without entertaining any fear of compromise whatsoever.

At abcFlora, you will have the chance to choose from a number of payment options that also include digital currencies amongst others.


Send Flowers with PayPal
One way by which you can pay for an order and get your message as well as flowers across to your loved ones is when you send flowers with PayPal.
PayPal is a trusted and reliable eWallet payment method that has been in operation for more than two decades now.
If you already have a PayPal account, you can easily make payments for your flower bouquet order. Where you are yet to own a PayPal account, you will be given the chance to sign up for one when you select this payment option on our platform. 


Send Flowers with Card Payments


If you prefer placing your order of flowers by making payments with the use of either debit or credit cards, know now that you are allowed to do so on our site. You can send flowers with credit cards for example. We accept American Express, Discover, Maestro, MasterCard, and Visa cards.
You do not have to worry about hackers intercepting your sensitive private and financial data while making payments on our site using debit or credit cards.
All data is confidential, safe, and secure with our payment processor 2Checkout.com , as we make use of highly advanced encryption and firewall technology.
So you can send flowers with credit cards without expressing any concerns whatsoever.

pay flowers with credit cards


Send Flowers with Cryptocurrencies
As the world of digital currencies continue to grow, abcFlora is not left behind in their advancement. We are always open to new technology and payment methods that will ensure speedy transaction times.
To this end, we accept payments in a number of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Etherum, Dogecoin, and LiteCoin. You can send flowers with bitcoin today with no hassles.
Our payment portal is flexible and you can easily transfer the digital currency equivalent for an order placement.
Similar to card payments and eWallets, you are assured of a safe, protected, secure, and fast transaction while onboard our payment platform. Our payment gateway for bitcoin and other crypto is Coinbase.

bitcoin flowers


What you should Know


abcFlora will also accept payment for an order placement in a number of different currencies. We currently accept payment in five (5) currencies, namely; Euros, US Dollars, Canadian Dollars, and British Pounds Sterling.

So whether you send flowers with PayPal or you send flowers with credit cards, you can make your payments in any of the highlighted currencies.


Delivery Charge

Note that when you view your choice of flowers on our site, the price stated does not include the delivery charge.

We include the delivery charge during the checkout process before you make payment for your preferred choice of flowers. A breakdown of the product price will highlight the delivery charge.

This is a rate that is dependent on the time and date of delivery of your ordered bouquet of flowers. Usually the delivery charge ranges between USD12.95 and USD16.95.




You are entitled to a full refund in a situation where your order cannot be met as a result of a local or national holiday. Where you are unsatisfied with the quality of the flowers delivered to your receipients, you have two (2) business days to submit a claim for a refund via WhatsApp or our Contact Us page. For a missing order or non-delivery, you can stake your claim for a refund within seven (7) days.

abcFlora cares about you and your loved ones. We put in as much passion and dedication into ensuring that your flowers get to their intended receipients in great condition and on time.

We encourage you to send flowers with bitcoins or any of the other listed cryptocurrencies on our secure payment portal today.

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