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A Guide to Sending Anniversary Flowers to Your Spouse

There are hundreds of various types of flowers out there. Summer small, summer large. Some are extremely vibrant and some are more simple.

When it comes to sending anniversary flowers to your spouse, how are you supposed to know which type of flower to choose? With so many flower options, it can be difficult!

The good news is there are actually predetermined flowers for every single anniversary to help you out! Although you do not need to follow this guide, it can be very helpful for you to choose a flower bouquet!


Send the Right Type of Flowers for Your Wedding Anniversary

If you are trying to find the right anniversary flowers to send to your loved one, you should know a little bit more about the right type of flowers for each wedding anniversary. Yes, you heard that right. There is a specific flower for specific wedding anniversary years.

Here is a breakdown of the different wedding anniversary flowers.

1st Wedding Anniversary Flowers

If it is your first wedding anniversary, the flowers you should be choosing to send to your spouse are carnations. This has been associated with young love due to the carnation's youthful look when they bloom.

What better way to celebrate your first wedding anniversary than with flowers that scream a passionate young love!?

2nd Wedding Anniversary Flowers

If you think that sending flowers on your wedding anniversary stops after the first one, you could not be more wrong. If it is your second wedding anniversary, you should be sending Cosmos.

These flowers signify harmony, peace, and love. They are usually a bright color. If you want to signify love, choose the red color for a traditional second anniversary flower.

3rd Wedding Anniversary Flowers

If you are a fan of bright, simple flowers, this is the perfect year for your wedding anniversary flowers. It is the year of the sunflower. 

Sunflowers are a symbol of loyalty and longevity. Because of this, they are the perfect flower for your third wedding anniversary. By this time, you have built a solid foundation together.

A bouquet of sunflowers represents that.

4th Wedding Anniversary Flowers

Congrats on making it to your fourth wedding anniversary! If you are gifting a flower bouquet for this wedding anniversary, you will want to choose geraniums. They are the symbol of the spiritual, physical, and mental union of both of you.

There are many different colors of geraniums that you can choose from. However, if you want to send a message of love, choosing pink or red is the way to go.

5th Wedding Anniversary Flowers

On your fifth wedding anniversary, you should gift your spouse with daisies. This is the traditional flower for the fifth wedding anniversary. It symbolizes eternal love.

Daisies come in a variety of colors. However, blue and pink are the traditional colors for the fifth wedding anniversary.

10th Wedding Anniversary Flowers

Making it to your 10th wedding anniversary is no simple feat. Congrats to you! If you are planning on giving anniversary flowers for this wedding anniversary, it is time to gift daffodils. This symbolizes the first 10 years of marriage because they are strong and resilient flowers.  

15th Wedding Anniversary Flowers

Classic roses are the 15th wedding anniversary flower to gift. Since roses are a typical flower that represents love, there is no better way to show your love for your spouse than by giving roses to them on this anniversary.

20th Wedding Anniversary Flowers

If you have made it to your 20th wedding anniversary, you may be wondering what flower to gift. You may not even have heard of this type of flower!

However, the fact that you've made it to your 20th wedding anniversary is a huge accomplishment. That is why this anniversary is celebrated with Asters - a flower that symbolizes dedication to your relationship. 

After 20 years, you should be definitely celebrating that dedication to each other!

Choose Flowers Based on Their Color

If you want to be more unique with your flower bouquet, you do not have to do the wedding anniversary flower type. This is just a suggestion. 

Instead, you might choose the type of flower bouquet based on the color that your spouse loves the most. Or, you can choose the type of flower based on the decor in your home. As long as you think they will love the flowers, you cannot go wrong!

Choose Flowers for the Memories

Another great way to choose flowers for your spouse is based on the memories that you have made. If you gave a bouquet of flowers on your first date, maybe you want to get the same bouquet of flowers for an anniversary. This is a great way to bring back the memories and reflect on how far you have come.

From here, you can form even more memories.

Anniversary flowers

Anniversary Flowers

When it comes to getting anniversary flowers, there is no right answer. However, it is best to try to stick to getting flowers that you and your spouse love.

This could be a specific color bouquet, this could be for the memories, or it could be from one of the specific wedding anniversaries flower guides!

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