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The meaning of flowers in dreams

Flowers and Dreams

You may be questioning yourself what seeing flowers in your dreams represent? Is there any sacred meaning? Here you are going to find some typical flower symbols in dreams.

Flowers in dreams stand for beauty, joy and happiness, feeling of fulfilment and generaly have positive interpretations.

White flowers may symbolize sadness while Red flowers may hint you have romantic feelings for someone. Yellow and orange flowers symbolizing someone is in state of cheerfulness, pleasure, contentment. 

Red Rose in your dreams is a symbol of feminity, passion, love, romance as well as faithfullness in your love relationships.

meaning of red roses in dreams

Seeing yourself in a Rose Garden means you are completely satisfied and feeling happy about yourself and your life path at the moment.

Smelling the roses in your dreams suggests you to slow down and look around, otherwise you may miss some upcoming oportunities.

Seeing yourself walking in the field of Daisies may predict good fortune, luck, finding your bliss.

Sunflower in your dream may tell you hard times are left behind and the better life is ahead. You are going to live a long and healthy life. If you feel a little lost on your life path and searching for guidance you may see yourself planting sunflowers.

meaning of sunflowers in dreams

Seeing nice fresh green plants in your dreams is a sign of good health and energy, while seeing whilted, poisionous plants in your dreams have an inverted meaning and warning you to pay attention to your physical state. Maybe you are just tired and need a vacation? Seeing dreams with blooming plants and trees in bloossom is a fantastic sign predicting success in any area of your life.


We hope you enjoyed discovering dreams comprising flowers and their meaning!


Images provided by Pexels.