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Top 6 Types of Winter Flowers to Send to Loved Ones Internationally

Did you know that there are about 250,000 to 400,000 species of flowering plants in the world?

That's right!

Most of these species, unfortunately, only bloom once there's enough light and warmth. Take spring, for instance, in which the magnificent cherry blossoms appear. These flowers are such a spectacular sight that 63 million people visit Japan just to see them each year!

Winter flowers, however, do exist, and when they bloom, they're as dazzling as many other species.

So, if you're thinking of sending flowers to loved ones during winter, don't worry. You have several options, and we've rounded up six of them for you to choose from!


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1. Snowdrops

Snowdrops grow in moderate and cold winters, making them some of the best fall and winter flowers. Their beautiful white petals look like giant, downturned droplets. In some places, they only bloom up until Christmas, but they can keep blooming until February.

Snowdrop flowers can grow up to 4-inches tall, so they're a great bouquet centerpiece. Many gardeners even use them as a ground cover for their lawns in the winter.

The snowdrop flower symbolizes several things, such as purity, hope, and rebirth. These meanings make them a great choice if you want to send someone flowers to uplift their spirits.

2. Pansies

Another species of flowers that bloom in winter, pansies bloom with gorgeous colors. What’s more, they don’t only produce flowers that grow in winter -- they can keep blooming up until spring!

You'll find these tiny flowers in white and vivid yellow, purple, red, orange, and even gold colors. What's more, many of them boast of at least three shades, making them even prettier than they already are.

The pansy flower, with its brightly-colored beautiful petals, symbolize loving thoughts. To many others, they signify free-thinking. They're also the birth flower of February.

3. Lilies

Many plants, such as certain species of lilies, actually need winter to bloom. These flowering plants, when exposed to cold temperatures, produce bigger blossoms.

This is why lilies are some of the most popular winter flowers to plant. It's for the same reason that they're among the best flowers to send internationally in winter.

While many people associate lilies to funerals, there's a lot more to these flowers. There are, after all, over 110 species of the genus Lilium that grows in the Northern Hemisphere. Other meanings tied to this beautiful flower are passion, purity, youth, and fertility.

4. Crocus

For many gardeners, the crocus plant signifies that warmer days are near. That's because the crocus is one of the first plants to erupt out of snow-drenched soils. Moreover, they are quick to bloom once they do poke out their foliage.

Crocus flowers have cup-shaped petals that are usually white or purple in color. Their vivid yellow centers are a stark contrast to their petals. The bulbs themselves, before the petals completely unfurl, resemble a light bulb.

This resemblance to a light bulb is how the crocus flower became a symbol of cheerfulness. This glee comes from the thought of warmer days and that a bountiful season abounds.

All these, plus the simple fact that they're beautiful, are sure to bring a smile to anyone who gazes at them. These also make crocus flowers some of the nicest winter flowers to send to loved ones abroad.

5. Camellia

Camellias have beautiful flowers that look much like roses. In fact, these flowers are also known as the Japanese rose or Tsubaki. They are originally from China though, where they have long since symbolized the union between two lovers. 

Camellias usually boast their blossoms in the early spring up to the holiday seasons. Moreover, they have relaxing, fragrant smells.

Camellias have various meanings depending on their color, with white signifying adoration. This is why white camellias are often given to people who are well-liked.

Pink camellias, on the other hand, symbolize longing for a person. If you deeply miss someone and they're abroad, send them a bouquet of these pink flowers. You may also want to mix in some red camellias, which signify love, deep desire, and passion. 

Regardless of the message you want to relay, there’s surely a camellia color to match it. These flowers, after all, exist in more than 250 species. It’s just a matter of determining which color will best represent your emotions towards the person you’re sending them to!

6. Viola 

All types of pansies are violas, but not all types of violas are pansies, although they do look very much alike. One way to tell that you're looking at a viola is to check how many petals point upward. If there are two, with the remaining three pointing downward, that's a viola.

Either way, violas are popular during the winter, as they can thrive in the snow. Their petals are usually white, yellow, violet, or blue. However, you can now find them in tri-color, just like the pansies.

The viola flower has many meanings, from innocence to modesty to everlasting love. Depending on the color, they also symbolize remembrance and faith. All these make them a great choice in flowers to send to a loved one abroad.

What's more, violas are edible and also used in traditional medicine! Ayurvedic medicine, for instance, uses these flowers to treat coughs, migraine, and headaches. They're even used as a treatment for epilepsy in kids.

Make a Loved One Smile With These Winter Flowers

There you have it, your ultimate guide on the best winter flowers to send to far-away loved ones during the snowy season! These flowers, with all their pretty colors, can definitely bring feelings of warmth to anyone weary of the cold. The people who will receive these flowers will surely appreciate your thoughts. 

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