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Flowers Mexico

Mexico is a country known for its vibrant culture, rich history, and beautiful landscapes. It is also famous for its exotic and unique flowers, making it a popular destination for flower enthusiasts. Whether you're looking to send flowers to a loved one or to decorate your home, Mexico has a vast array of options to choose from. In this guide, we will explore the different options for flower delivery in Mexico, with local florists thru our online delivery service.


Flower Delivery in Mexico with abcFlora.com

Flowers have always been a popular way to express love, gratitude, and celebration in Mexico. From brightly colored marigolds used in Day of the Dead celebrations, to the delicate white petals of the jasmine flower, Mexican culture is rich in its use of blooms.

abcFlora is proud to offer a wide selection of fresh flowers and gifts, delivered nationwide through local florists, to help you share your love (with vibrant red flowers) and well wishes with those you care about.

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with estilo bouquet

"With Estilo" Put a spring in their step with this beautifully blushing bouquet of hot pink roses, soft peach lilies and fresh green hydrangea. Arranged in a graceful vase tied with a charming bow, it's a chic treat for any occasion! Available to deliver anywhere in Mexico.


Pink bouquet

"Dressed to impress" What's better than pink? More pink! This blissful bouquet of roses and lilies is arranged and delivered by a local florist Mexico. This flower arrangement is sure to put some pink in their cheeks and a smile on their faces!


Blush bouquet

"Blush of Life" Put a spring in their step with this beautifully blushing bouquet of hot pink roses, soft peach lilies and fresh green hydrangea. Arranged in a graceful vase tied with a charming bow, it's a chic treat for any occasion! Available to deliver anywhere in Mexico flowers..



Fresh Flowers for Every Occasion

Whether you're looking to surprise a loved one on their birthday, send your condolences after a loss, or celebrate a special occasion, abcFlora has a flower arrangement that is sure to fit the bill. Our florists use only the freshest, highest quality blooms to create beautiful and long-lasting arrangements, guaranteed to bring a smile to the faces of those you love.

Gorgeous Flowers in Mexico

Mexico is home to a wide variety of blooms, each with its own unique history and cultural significance. Some of the most popular beutiful flowers in Mexico include:

  • Mexican Marigold: Bright orange and yellow mexican marigolds are a staple of the Day of the Dead celebrations and are used to create elaborate ofrendas, or altars, in honor of loved ones who have passed.

  • White Flowers: are often used to symbolize purity, innocence, and peace. Popular white flowers include jasmine, gardenias, and lilies.

  • National Flower: The national flower of Mexico is the dahlia, a colorful and vibrant bloom that is widely cultivated in the country.

Mexico Florist Network

At abcFlora.com, we work with a network of local florists across Mexico to bring you the freshest, highest quality blooms. Our florists are passionate about flowers and are dedicated to providing the best possible service. Whether you're sending a bouquet of bright sunflowers or a basket of fresh passion fruit, you can count on abcFlora to deliver your gifts with care and professionalism.

Christmas Plant

The Christmas season is a time for joy and celebration, and what better way to spread holiday cheer than with a beautiful plant? From lush evergreens to brightly colored poinsettias, abcFlora.com has a wide selection of Christmas plants that are perfect for spreading holiday cheer.

Perennial Plants

If you're looking for a gift that will last beyond the holiday season, consider sending a beautiful perennial plant. These hardy plants come back year after year, reminding your loved ones of your love and thoughtfulness each spring.

Mexican Culture

Mexican culture is rich in its use of flowers, from the colorful marigolds used in Day of the Dead celebrations, to the delicate white petals of the jasmine flower. Flowers play an important role in Mexican traditions and are a beautiful way to express your love and well wishes.

With abcFlora.com , sending flowers and gifts to your loved ones in Mexico has never been easier. Whether you're sending a bouquet of bright sunflowers or a basket of fresh fruit, you can count on our network of local florists to deliver your gifts with care and professionalism. So why wait? Show your loved ones just how much you care with a beautiful bouquet from abcFlora.com .


Mexican flowers native

Mexican flowers are known for their unique beauty and vibrant colors. From the exotic poinsettia to the brightly-hued hibiscus, Mexico offers a wide variety of flowers that can add a touch of exoticism to any arrangement. Whether you're looking to decorate your home or to send a gift to a loved one, Mexican flowers are a perfect choice.

With a rich cultural significance, these flowers are often used in traditional Mexican celebrations and ceremonies, adding an extra special touch to any bouquet. Whether you prefer native blooms or imported varieties, Mexico has something for every flower enthusiast, making it the perfect destination for anyone looking to add a touch of beauty to their life.


Yucca flower

The yucca flower, also referred to as the cassava flower, is a well-known bloom native to the region. This eye-catching flower boasts bright yellow or orange petals and sturdy stems. It is commonly used in traditional celebrations such as weddings and religious ceremonies due to its cultural significance and beauty.

The banana yucca plant is also a staple in local cuisine, with the root being a popular food source. Beyond its cultural and culinary uses, yucca flowers are also frequently utilized in home decor, adding a touch of exotic charm to any bouquet. Its bright colors and long-lasting blooms make it a must-have for anyone looking to bring a hint of Mexico beauty into their life.

rain-wet yucca flowers, morning fog, fog


Mexican passion flower

The passion flower is a vibrant and unique bloom known for its intricate design and bold colors. This flower is native to the region and often found in the wild, with some species being popular in cultivation. The passion flower is prized for its beauty, with its intricate pattern of petals and stamens making it a standout in any floral arrangement.

The passion flower also has a rich cultural significance, and is sometimes used in religious and traditional celebrations. Beyond its beauty and cultural importance, the passion flower is also valued for its potential health benefits.

The leaves, stems, and roots of the plant have been used in traditional medicine for their calming and sedative properties. With its stunning appearance and rich cultural heritage, the passion flower is a must-have for anyone looking to add a touch of beauty to their life.

This small and thin flowers has a interesting petal pattern, that attract butterflies in the late summer, at northern mexico.

passion flower, flower, blossom


Mexican morning glory

This beautiful and hardy flower that is native to the region. With its striking trumpet-shaped blooms and lush foliage, this flower is a favorite among gardeners and nature lovers alike. The Mexican morning glory is known for its hardiness and ability to grow in a variety of climates, making it a popular choice for those looking to add a touch of beauty to their garden. The Mexican morning glory comes in a range of colors, including pink, blue, purple, and white, and is often used in floral arrangements for its beauty and versatility.

Whether you're looking to create a stunning garden display or simply add a touch of beauty to your home, the Mexican morning glory is a must-have for anyone looking to incorporate the region's natural beauty into their life.


morning glory, flower, blue


Mexican Sunflowers

While the Tithionia diversifolium is a symbol promoting a love of life that is eternal, its not the national flower of mexico, but is admired by everyone around it and is a good choice for many people. If they bloom vigorously, they can produce about 80-120 blossoms on a single plant.

The flowers'petals come with beautiful red or yellow colors, which attract pollinators in the garden. This flowers native like sunflowers information are an amazingly versatile food crop.

sunflower, flower, plant


Pineapple Sage

Scientific name: Salvia Elegan. It blooms in late summer and early winter. Its smell is similar to pineapple hence the name pineapple Sage.

The flowering shrub's flowers are red in colour which attracts a dazzling visitor in the eyes. Also known as the citrus sage this plant offers a great ground cover and attracts insects with a wonderful smell.

herb, pineapple sage, flower


Poinsettia (Euphorbia pulcherrima)

This flower symbolizes the birthday of Christ and has been viewed globally as an important holiday symbol. The red colour is not the flowers but rather the petals. It is useful for medicinal properties as well as for dyeing clothes.

Symbolic: Star at Bethlehem family: Ephorbiaceae wikipedia info. Bloom: Mid Autumn to early winter. A great gift as Christmas plant.

nature, flower, plants


Mexican Passion Flower (Passiflora Mexicana)

This flower is among the rarest flowers in Mexico. The vines have rounded, biloled leaves. The flowers are available in two colours: blue and white or yellow and violet.

Typically it has a pungent smell that produces passion fruits. Symbolism. Symbolise the dying of Christ. Families: Passifloraceans. Flower: Summer.

passion flowers, passiflora, passion flower


Mexican Honeysuckle

Scietific Name: Justicie Spicigerea. Other known as Fire-cutter and mushroom bush, it is an evergreen shrub producing thin and tubular bright orange flowers.

Flowers draw pollinators into gardens particularly birds and butterflies. The plants can help prepare teas and are traditionally served as dye.

pink blossoms, bloom, forest honeysuckle


Mexican Poppy

Scientific name: More info about Argemona ochroluca. The Mexican Poppy Blooming from spring has medicinal effects. The small flower petals are colorful yellow and white. Those small thorns are why Mexican poppy was originally named Mexican. They are very nice pretty flowers.


Sword Lily (Gladioli)

Usually the small flowers grow together like swords. The plant can be found in many colours varying from red pink to red pink - Gladiolus Mexico has been used during the Day of Death (dia de los muertos) celebration in many countries and is used as a weapon for Gladians, popular flowers. Iridacins Bloom: Summer.

summer, flowers, gladioli


Most popular questions about flowers in Mexico

15 Mexican Flowers + Symbolism

Mexican mythology assigns particular flowers to various gods and that explains why every flower has its own meaning. These magnificent flowers are often gifted worldwide however their meaning may become easily forgotten. Find the best Mexican flowers and find the best.


What is the famous flower in Mexico?

The dahlia became Mexican's official flower for its diverse use, long-known historical and fascinating appearance. The flowers are used for eating, and Aztec aztecs have used these flowers for treating epilema in the past.


What flower represents Mexican culture?

Dahlia Pinnata / Mexican Dahlia is a proud Floral symbol, one of the most popular mexican flower. A number of hued Dahlians are perfect reflections of Mexican life and the energy of Joie.


What is a popular plant in Mexico?

Dahli. Mexican national flowers such as dahlia have an impressive history from the time of the Aztec Empire. The Aztecs originally used this plant for their starchy roots tubers.




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