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The Ultimate Guide to Sending Flowers for a Job Promotion

These days it's more important than ever to show you care. Flower arrangements make great gift items for anniversaries, birthdays, get well, and other special holidays. But have you ever sent a flower bouquet to congratulate someone on a new job promotion?

65% of Americans who receive flower arrangements feel special. A job promotion can be a wonderful time to send a congratulatory flower bouquet to let them know you care. And with so many beautiful types of flowers available, you can create flower arrangements that are sure to wow. 

But before you send those flowers, there are some things you need to know first. With this guide, we'll help you navigate the process of sending flower arrangements and choosing your flower options. Keep reading below to discover more information below. 

Job promotion flowers

Determine Your Relationship to the Recipient

When sending flower arrangements, you want to ensure that it is appropriate to do so. For this, you need to examine the relationship you have with the person receiving the job promotion. If you are just a casual acquaintance, it may be seen as being too personal for your level of relationship.   

Good long-term friends, close co-workers, a significant other, and other immediate family members are the most likely candidates for sending flowers to someone receiving a job promotion. 

You should also make certain that this job promotion is widely known knowledge. If it is still in the process and a formal announcement has not been made first, it could be awkward if flowers are sent for a job promotion that doesn't end up coming through.

Set Your Budget for Flower Arrangements

The average person spends around $45-$65 for a standard floral arrangement. This could fluctuate based on how well you know the person. For example, if you are the spouse of the person receiving the job promotion, you will probably spend more on your flower bouquet than a friend might.

The types of flowers you choose can also increase your budget. If you opt to use most or all long-stemmed roses in your arrangement, this can drive up the price. If you're looking for meaningful but more cost-effective flower options, add in some greenery and filler flowers that are less expensive while still giving your arrangement a beautiful and full look. 

Your budget should also incorporate the size of your ideal flower arrangement. Using more flowers to create a larger bouquet will also affect the overall price tag.

Choose Your Types of Flowers

The next step is choosing your flower options. Different types of flowers have their own meanings associated with them. The types of flowers you select can send a particular message depending on your relationship as well. 

It is important that your flowers relay a suitable message with the right flower bouquet. For instance, gardenias represent joy and purity, while sunflowers signify happiness, warmth, and loyalty.  So these flowers would be appropriate in a flower bouquet to congratulate someone on a job promotion.

Unless you really know the person well, you'll want to stay away from the more romantic types of flowers, such as red roses, tulips, and carnations. These flower options are better suited for a spouse or immediate family member. You'll also want to take the colors of your flowers into consideration.

Select Your Flower Colors

Color can impact your floral arrangement's message. Roses alone come in a variety of different color options that symbolize different emotions. Traditional red roses, along with pink and white roses represent different types of love.

If you want roses in your flower bouquet to congratulate someone on a job promotion, consider a yellow rose instead. Yellow roses are a symbol of friendship as well as cheerfulness and good luck, so they may be a better choice for a close friend or co-worker. Orange roses would also work since they represent happiness and sincere gratitude. 

The same also goes for different colors of lilies. Yellow lilies symbolize loyalty and happiness, while orange lilies mean congratulations. Stay away from white lilies though, because these are common funeral sympathy flowers. 

Inquire About Workplace Flower Delivery Policies

Of course, before you proceed with having any floral arrangements delivered to a workplace to congratulate someone on a job promotion, you should check to see that their workplace will allow a flower delivery in the first place.

Some workplaces require a delivery of flowers to be made to the front desk first. So, they may have to be signed for by a receptionist instead of the recipient. This can complicate the process if the recipient doesn't know about the flowers. 

While you may want to surprise your flower recipient, it is probably for the best to tell them that you have something being sent so they can be on the lookout. They can also inform you of any delivery issues or protocols their workplace might have.

Consider Workplace Etiquette and Courtesies

You'll need to consider some other main points before you should send your flowers directly to the recipient's workplace. Don't overdo it with an over-the-top flower bouquet that won't fit on their desk. Your recipient may not have the type of personality that bodes well with receiving public gifts in front of their boss and co-workers.

You may also run the risk of having a flower bouquet delivered during an important meeting. This can embarrass the recipient if takes away from the professionalism of the workday. In some countries, it may be considered rude to deliver flowers to the workplace, so you should opt for home delivery instead.

If your flower bouquet recipient has a shared office space, this can also be an issue with strong scents. You might need to consider if flowers will cause an allergic reaction among other co-workers. You don't want your gift to be seen as inconsiderate by others that the recipient shares a common workspace. 

Find a Florist Who Delivers to the Area

You may not live in the same state or country as the person you're sending this flower bouquet. When ordering flowers for a job promotion, it is important to find a floral delivery service that can accommodate this order. Some companies or floral shops may only be able to cover a certain state or area, like the United States and Canada. 

You want a company that can process and deliver flower arrangements internationally without incident. You can shop for beautiful flowers at a great price that can be delivered almost anywhere in the world. That way, you can ensure that no matter where you are, the people you care the most about will always feel special and remembered.

Make Sure the Recipient Will Be Present for the Delivery

Before sending your arrangement, you want to ensure that the recipient will be at the workplace on the day of the delivery.  You don't want to make the mistake of delivering fresh flowers when the recipient of the job promotion flower bouquet will not be there. Always check with them to make certain that they will be working on the date and time of flower delivery.

If you don't want to spoil the surprise entirely, just vaguely explain that something will be arriving and you need to know that they will be available to receive it. You can schedule your delivery day for the one that works best.

Write Your Gift Message 

Once you've selected your perfect flower bouquet, you'll need to write a message to go along with it. Craft a short but sweet message congratulating them on their job promotion and any other sentiment such as "Good Luck" or "Proud of You" to wish them well.

Most sites let you write a message of about 250 characters or less for the card on their flower arrangements. This will give you about 1-5 sentences to work with, depending on the word length of each sentence.

Above all, make sure you put your name in the card message space. This is so the recipient of your job promotion flower arrangement knows who it's from so they will know who to thank for it.

Place Your Job Promotion Flower Delivery Order

Be sure to note a specific office suite name, specific department, or any other flower delivery instructions that will help the delivery person locate the proper building where the flower recipient works. This is especially helpful in areas where there are multiple large office buildings grouped together. 

If you know your recipient's office floor or office number, include this as well. Let them know if they are required to check in with a front office or security desk first before proceeding with the delivery. If there is an access code required to enter the building, you will need to provide this information.

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