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Revealing the Top Ten Exotic Flowers Found Around the World

Trying to find information on exotic flowers can be difficult because there are so many different types. It can be hard to know where to start when looking for information on the types of flowers available.

With so many different types, it's difficult to know which ones are the most interesting or beautiful. But don't worry, we've got your back.

We've done the hard work for you and compiled a list of the Top Ten Exotic Flowers Found Around the World. From the vibrant Bird of Paradise flower to the delicate Daffodil, these blooms will leave you in awe.

Read on to find out more:

1. Bleeding Heart

The exotic bleeding heart flower is an exotic staple in gardens around the world. Native to the forests of Siberia, Japan, and China, it stands out from other rare flowers with its remarkable bloom.

Its namesake bloom appears to be dripping with a blood-red liquid that contrasts beautifully with its pale petals surrounding it.

This exotic flower thrives when planted in shaded areas and moist soils, preferring temperatures ranging from cool to mild climates.

It's a fascinating specimen for lovers of exotic flowers, adding an artful touch to any garden setting.

2. Bird of Paradise

The exotic bird of paradise flower has made a name for itself as one of the most exotic and beautiful flowers in the world. It hails from South Africa and its unique shape is beloved by gardeners far and wide.

It boasts a fan-like spread of wide petals that look strikingly similar to exotic feathers and long, narrow petals vivifying its appearance as an exotic bird of sorts, with curved beaks or antennae.

Its colors are dazzling, ranging from passionate oranges to pure whites, creating a truly mesmerizing display of beauty.


3. Corpse Flower

The exotic corpse flower, or Titan Arum, is a beautiful yet rare species of flowering plant found in the wilds of Sumatra, Indonesia. With its stature and striking purple-red hue, it can be quite an impressive sight to behold.

However, along with beauty comes an unpleasant surprise—that of a powerful and noxious odor that smells just like decaying flesh!

Although the scent typically only lingers for about a day or two, those who have encountered this exotic flower will likely remember it, and its smell, for a lifetime.

4. Spider Lily

The exotic spider lily is a sight to behold! These elegant blooms are found all across Asia, from Japan to India and Sri Lanka. The exotic flower features bright white petals that spread out like the legs of a spider.

But also has an eye-catching long red filament-like structure at its center that resembles the body of a spider.

The exotic appearance of this flower makes it a real showstopper in any garden or flower bouquet. In some cultures, the spider lily is seen as a symbol of hope and represents renewal after sadness.

5. White Egret Orchid

The white egret orchid is truly an exotic flower. It is native to Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand and Vietnam.

What makes this particular orchid unique is its beautiful presentation, with delicate white petals and a yellow and purple center.

When viewed from afar, the colors of the petals closely resemble those of a majestic white egret in flight—something to behold for sure!

In addition to being native to certain South East Asian countries, it can also be found in India.

6. Passion Flower

The exotic passion flower is a sight to behold! With petals that range from blue to purple and intricate red filaments contained in its center, the exotic passion flower adds exotic beauty to any garden.

Native to South America, these exotic flowers can also be found in North America, Australia, New Zealand, and parts of Asia.

They make for a great addition for any gardener who wants to get creative with their landscaping and add a touch of exotic charm.

7. Dutchman's Pipe

Dutchman's pipe is an exotic flower that is native to Colombia and Venezuela. In fact, it got its unusual name because of the shape of its petals, which resemble an old-fashioned smoking pipe, popular in the 18th century.

It features bright yellow petals with long tendrils protruding from them, making it look like a smoking pipe with a stem! This exotic flower can be quite exotic to own if you love plants or have an eye for unique flowers.

8. Japanese Anemone

The exotic Japanese anemone has quickly become a popular addition to many gardens across the globe. Native to Japan and Korea, this mesmerizing flower can typically be found in Northern America, Europe, and parts of Asia.

Its petals are soft and light, blushing in a beguiling pink hue that fades darken toward the flower's center. This hardy perennial is sure to bring any garden alive with its beauty for years to come.

9. Corpse Lily

The exotic corpse lily is a unique and captivating flower that is native to South East Asia. Its exotic scent is unlike any other, as it smells like decaying flesh when it blooms in late summer or early fall—hence, the name.

It stands out among other exotic flowers due to its remarkable shape of a cross between a trumpet and a spider lily, giving this exotic bloom an exotic look.

Don't let the smell steer you away from its beauty; admiring this exotic flower from afar can surely be done!

10. Chinese Ground Orchid

The exotic Chinese ground orchid is an entrancing sight to behold. Native to China, these flowers bloom close to the ground in grass-like tufts, giving rise to their name.

When the yellow and purple petals unfurl from the central column, it becomes quite obvious why this flower has been revered since ancient times.

The exotic shape of the Chinese ground orchid creates a mesmerizing visual experience that must truly be seen to be appreciated.

Where Are These Flowers Found?

Exotic flowers have always been seen as exotic due to their exotic shapes and colors when compared to more common blooms. They originate from many places around the world.

From Siberia and Japan to South Africa and Southeast Asia, adding to their exotic allure.

Surprisingly, however, these exotic flowers can be found in parts of North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and India—providing locals with an exotic selection!

As exotic origin stories accompany exotic shapes and colors of these remarkable blooms, readers can gain a greater fascination with nature’s beauty with each bloom they come across.

From the heart-shaped bloom of the bleeding heart to the star-like shape found in the Chinese ground orchid, these exotic flowers are sure to captivate any viewer with their unique features.

They Require Special Care

Exotic flowers are exotic for a reason—they can’t be found everywhere, and require special attention to thrive in a variety of climates. But their beauty is worth the effort required to keep them happy and healthy.

From exotic orchids growing in tropical greenhouse settings to exotic roses proudly blooming outdoors in temperate zones, exotic flowers come in many shapes and sizes.

So, if you have the patience and dedication necessary to guarantee exotic flowers will thrive despite not having ideal conditions, they’re sure to make your garden or home brighten up with color and texture.

There’s nothing quite like enjoying an exotic flower delivery!

Perfect for a Garden or Home

Exotic flowers bring an entirely different level of beauty to any garden or home. With exotic hues, unique shapes, and bright colors, these blooms will provide an exotic and exciting atmosphere in any location you choose.

Whatever your style, the variety of exotic flowers is sure to make a statement; be it vibrant and eye-catching or gentle and delicate.

Not only will they add beauty to your outdoor space but with their exotic designs they also make a great addition to any indoor décor. So why not add some exotic pleasure to your gardens and homes today?

What Constitutes a Flower as Exotic?

Exotic flowers refer to those that are unique in their shape, color, or scent. This can include exotic blooms that originate from far-flung regions of the world, such as South America and Asia.

Often these exotic flowers require special care to grow in different climates, making them an exotic addition to any garden or home décor.

Exotic flowers also feature intricate filaments and tendrils that set them apart from more common varieties of blooms.

With exotic petals ranging from bright yellow to deep purple, exotic flowers can bring a burst of color and a touch of exotic flair to any garden!

Enjoy Them Yourself!

By exploring the top ten exotic flowers found around the world, we’ve been able to appreciate their diverse beauty and exotic origins. Whether it’s the exotic shape of the corpse lily or the exotic colors of the Japanese anemone.

These exotic blooms captivate viewers with their unique beauty and incredible scents. So, why not seek out some exotic flowers for yourself and enjoy their exotic beauty? You won’t regret it!

Ready to Get Your Own Exotic Flowers?

From the rare White Lotus found in East Asia to the Unicorn flower found in South America, these ten exotic flowers are truly awe-inspiring. Spending time admiring their beauty offers a moment of peace and reflection.

We often forget how wonderful and special this earth is, but these stunning flowers serve as an emotional reminder for us to take some time for appreciation.

Be sure to check out our blog for more delightful stories about fascinating creatures and plants from around the world!