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Top 7 most exotic flowers in Trinidad and Tobago

The islands of Trinidad and Tobago, located in the Caribbean Sea, 11 kilometers northwest of Venezuela, are a true paradise of biodiversity thanks to their tropical climate. Among the different ecosystems that coexist in the country, including humid forests, dry forests and mangroves, some 3,300 plant species have been recorded, 59 of them endemic.

Do you want to know which are the most beautiful and exotic Trinidad flowers? Although, as you can see, there are thousands to choose from, in this blog post we bring you the 7 most striking. Keep reading and discover them!

The most exotic flowers in Trinidad and Tobago

1. Chaconia or wild pointsettia

Without a doubt, the most famous of Trinidad and Tobago's flowers is the chaconia, also known as wild poinsettia. It is the national flower of this country, designated as such in 1977 and whose vibrant red color represents the energy of its population. During the Independence Day celebrations, every August 31, the chaconia is used as a decorative element in the capital, Port of Spain, and in most cities in the country.

Chaconia Flower

Its appearance is truly striking, it is a medium-sized tree that blooms throughout the year. Its flowers grow in clusters with intense red petals that contrast with the dark green leaves. Although it is the national flower of Trinidad and Tobago, chaconia is also found in many other regions of Central and South America.

2. Cyrtopodium Andersonii

Thanks to the tropical climate of these islands, orchids are among the flowers in Trinidad that attract the most attention. Although there are hundreds of types that grow wild, one of the most appreciated is cyrtopodium andersonii, whose name comes from the American botanist Charles Anderson. They have great ornamental value given their characteristic flowers, with a structure of three petals and three sepals and an attractive yellow color.

cyrtopodium andersonii, yellow orchid

3. White Fiddlewood 

If you are visiting Trinidad and Tobago, in cities like San Fernando and many others, you will be able to observe these native trees of the islands that can reach up to 30 meters in height. Its flowering produces a cluster of small white tubular flowers that give off an intoxicating fragrance. It also produces fruits, small dry capsules that open when ripe and release their seeds. In addition to its beautiful flowers, white fiddlewood is appreciated for its wood, which is used for carpentry.

4. Mimosa Pudica

The most curious thing about the mimosa pudica, native to the American rainforest, is its reaction to touch. When touched, its leaves retract onto the stem as if they were closing, a technique developed to appear withered and, in this way, protect itself from predators. It is also a method to save water during the hottest hours and to protect yourself from the wind. It is one of the flowers in Trinidad and Tobago that can be grown in a pot, always in climates above 20ºC, to enjoy its small mauve blooms.

Mimosa Pudica

5. Blue Mahoe 

Although it is the national tree of Jamaica, the Blue Mahoe can also be found on other Caribbean islands and is among Trinidad's extensive list of flowers. These have the typical shape of hibiscus flowers and a showy color between blue and purple. For its part, the leaves of this tree are heart-shaped and can measure up to 25 centimeters. Apart from its ornamental value, Blue Mahoe is also grown for its wood, which has a distinctive blue-green hue that is used to make crafts and musical instruments.

6. Cocorite Palm 

Did you know that the leaves of the cocorite palm are among the longest of all palm species? In fact, they can measure up to 7 meters and crown the trunk of this tree, which can reach 25 meters in height. The indigenous people, both from Trinidad and Tobago and other Caribbean islands, used to use these giant leaves to build the roof of their huts. In addition, cocorite palms have great ecological value, especially in the wetland ecosystems where they grow.

Cocorite Palm

7. Poui Trees 

Endemic to tropical regions, poui trees are easy to see in Trinidad and Tobago, from Arima to Chaguanas and the rest of the islands. The most striking thing about this tree is its spectacular trumpet-shaped flowers, which have varied colors, such as pink, white, purple or yellow. In addition to being beautiful to look at, the flowers also attract numerous pollinators, such as bees or butterflies, thus contributing to the biodiversity of the Caribbean.

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