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Top Valentine’s Day ideas for long distance relationships

Would you like to celebrate the most romantic day of the year with your partner but distance separates you? Even if you are not together physically, there are many ways to feel very close on this special day. Keep reading and you will discover the best Valentine's Day ideas for long distance relationships. Demonstrating your love does not comprehend kilometers or borders!

How to celebrate valentine’s day long distance

Below we share a selection of long distance Valentine's Day gifts and surprises that will steal your partner's heart.

1. Order a breakfast delivered to his/her doorstep

One of the most popular Valentine's day delivery ideas in recent years is to send a personalized breakfast to your partner. Imagine waking up on February 14 and someone knocking on your door to deliver a breakfast with everything you like most: muffins, pancakes, sandwiches, chocolate, juices, fresh fruit... Who wouldn't love to start the most romantic day of the year this way? So, choose the kind of breakfast that you know your partner will love, whether it's more sweet or savory, and get his or her Valentine's Day off to a great start.

large table with varied breakfast

2. Take a virtual trip together

If you are inveterate travelers but this year for Valentine's Day you haven't been able to match your agendas, don't give up traveling, even if it's from home! Thanks to virtual visits to museums such as the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam or natural parks such as Yosemite, in California, you can enjoy a getaway from your sofa. As well as seeing some of the wonders of the modern world such as the city of Petra, the Taj Mahal, the Colosseum or Chichén Itzá, on websites such as AirPano or Panoramas. You will only have to agree on a time on February 14 to connect and begin your online journey.

3. Send red roses online

A classic that never fails, if you don't know what to do for Valentine's Day in a long distance relationship, this surprise is guaranteed to be a success. Roses are the queens of flowers and, of course, the queens of Valentine's Day. Especially red roses, whose meaning evokes romantic love, desire and passion, the best vehicle to tell your partner how much you love them without the need for words. Sending red roses for Valentine's Day is very easy through our website, where we have more than 100 countries where you can send your bouquet to surprise your partner.

large bouquet of red roses

4. Write a love letter the old-fashioned way

Can you think of anything more romantic than writing a love note to your partner and sending it to them by post? Although this form of communication is no longer used as in the past due to the emergence of new technologies, the truth is that it will give a vintage touch to Valentine's Day. Miles away, your partner will open his or her mailbox and find there the letter that you will have written with so much care in your own handwriting. And, if you can't find the words to express everything you feel, you can always rely on the language of flowers.

5. Send a box of chocolates

What would Valentine's Day be without one of the greatest aphrodisiacs? Chocolate contains chemical compounds such as tryptophan, a component of serotonin, which activates sexual desire, as well as phenylethylamine, a neurotransmitter that produces a state of euphoria and well-being in the brain. As you can see, in any long distance Valentine's Day celebration you cannot miss a good dose of chocolate. On our website you will find boxes of chocolates and chocolate cakes that you can add to your order and make sure that your partner is not missing this magical ingredient on the most romantic day of the year.

box of chocolates

6. Singing together in an online karaoke

If you are looking for a fun plan to do with your partner on February 14 because watching a movie at the same time seems unoriginal, why not an online karaoke session? There are dozens of websites that offer this service, where you can create a list with your favorite songs and then perform them with your partner following the lyrics on the screen. If you want to take it to another level, you can send your partner a quality microphone and some fun accessories so that she or he can get more into the role of the singers that will play during your musical date.

7. Send a gorgeous plant

Bouquets of flowers are one of the most famous long distance Valentine's Day gifts worldwide, but what about plants? Many prefer them for their durability and as a decorative element of the home that will remind them of the person who has sent it to them for years. If you want to achieve this feeling of durability over time and tell your partner that you will be together forever, choose from our plants with international shipping. In our catalog you will find sophisticated orchids, exotic sansevierias, striking spathiphyllum or resistant succulents.

blue orchid in vase

8. Plant a tree each in your place

If you and your partner are people who are aware of environmental protection and actively participate in the fight against climate change, why not seal your love by planting a tree? It is an altruistic and selfless action that contributes to the improvement of the planet and will also be indicative of how your relationship advances at the same time as your trees grow. Whether in the garden or in a community area where it is allowed, planting a tree is one of the most romantic Valentine's Day ideas for long distance relationships.



We hope we have inspired you with our ideas about what to do for Valentine's Day in long distance couples and that you celebrate this special day with the most important person in your life even if you can't be next to each other right now.