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The best flowers for Valentine's Day

The most romantic day of the year is coming and you probably want to know which are the best flowers for Valentine’s Day in order to surprise your partner, don’t you? Keep reading and discover the origins of this day along with legends and myths and, of course, the perfect flowers for Valentine’s Day.

couple in love holding hands

Why do we gift flowers for Valentine’s Day?

Every February 14, Valentine's Day is celebrated around the world, but do you know the origin of this romantic tradition? To know it we have to go back to the time of the Roman Empire, in the 3rd century AD. At that time there lived in Rome a priest named Valentine who decided to challenge Emperor Claudius II by secretly marrying young soldiers. The emperor had prohibited marriage by decree to prevent soldiers from having family ties and thus make it easier for him to send them to fight in war.

statue of emperor claudius II of rome

Valentine decided to oppose this cruel rule and brought the couple together to unite them in marriage, which is why he has passed down to posterity as the patron saint of lovers. But the news traveled fast in Rome and the disobedience of this priest reached the ears of the emperor, who sentenced him to death on February 14, 270 AD, the date on which he was beheaded. However, before he died, legend has it that Valentine performed a miracle, which is why he was later sanctified. It is said that, while he was imprisoned before his execution, he cured the blindness of the daughter of one of his guards and she planted a rose bush on Valentine’s grave as a form of gratitude. Therefore, this is where the tradition comes from for lovers to give each other roses and other flowers for Valentine's Day.

Roses for Valentine’s Day

As you know, the most popular flowers to give on February 14 are roses. Sending red roses for Valentine's Day is a classic that never fails whether you want to make the person who has stolen your heart fall in love with you, or if you want to remind your partner of everything he or she makes you feel. In any case, have you ever wondered why roses are the symbol of love and passion?

Roses of different colors


Below you will find the most famous Valentine's Day roses and their meaning by color:

Red roses

Red roses are the stars of Valentine's Day and, without a doubt, one of the most international symbols of love. In addition to the story of the priest Valentine, many ancient cultures have enthroned red roses as the queens of romantic language.

In Greek mythology, for example, Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty, was in love with the young Adonis, who, while hunting, began chasing a huge wild boar. The animal turned out to be the god of war Ares, lover of Aphrodite, who, jealous of Adonis, decided to kill him. Although the goddess Aphrodite ran to help Adonis, she arrived too late and, as she held him in her arms, her tears turned into white roses around the young man, whose blood dyed them an intense red.

bouquet of red roses

Through this myth and many others throughout history, red roses have strengthened their prestige as the most romantic flowers. This is why they are, undoubtedly, the best flowers for Valentine's Day to make your partner feel like the most special person in the world.

Pink roses

Traditionally, pink roses have been used to express a first infatuation or a love of youth, since they are a symbol of innocence and honesty. If you decide to send pink roses for Valentine's Day, you should know that the more intense their color, the more intense the feelings you will convey.

White Roses

In the romantic context, white roses symbolize purity of feelings and also perpetuity. They are the ideal Valentine's Day roses if what you want is to convey to your partner that yours is a solid relationship and that you will be together for life.

bouquet of white roses

Coral Roses

These roses have a beautiful peach or very soft orange tone. They are ideal if you want to declare your feelings to a person with whom, for now, you only have a friendship. This is because its color is a mixture of yellow, which symbolizes friendship, and red, which represents love. Therefore, this combination is perfect if you are looking for roses for Valentine's Day with the aim of overcoming the barrier of friends and moving on to a romantic relationship.

Other perfect flowers for Valentine’s Day


Lilies are one of the most used flowers in floral arrangements due to their beauty and elegance. In the romantic field they represent true love, that is based on loyalty and absolute fidelity towards your partner, especially in white or pink tones. Lilies are the best Valentine's Day flowers to tell your partner that, no matter what, you will never fail them and they can always count on you.

bouquet of white lilies


Carnations, especially those red in color, are one of the most gifted flowers for Valentine's Day worldwide. In this tone they symbolize ardent love, passion, desire and also admiration towards that person who completes your life.


The most exotic alternative to Valentine's Day roses are, without a doubt, orchids. Although there are more than 25,000 species of orchids around the world, the most appreciated as a gift is the Phalaenopsis genus. This flower represents elegance and sophistication, since they were the favorites of the wealthy class during the 18th century, although they were already used for decorative purposes in classical Greece. For Valentine's Day, choose a pink orchid as a symbol of your authentic love.

pink orchids


Tulips, the quintessential flowers of the Netherlands, transmit happiness and joy. If you want to thank your partner for all the moments you have shared together and convey that your life is happier by their side, there is nothing better than a bouquet of tulips to celebrate Valentine's Day the way you deserve.

Extra tip

Add gifts to your romantic Valentine’s Day flowers and make your surprise even more special. Some good ideas are teddy bears, bouquet vases, love cards, chocolates or even delicious cakes, that you will find in our extensive online catalog. Make this Valentine’s Day the best of your partner’s life!