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In an island country brimming with biodiversity, there is nothing better than sending flowers to Bermuda to surprise your loved ones with bouquets, plants and gifts.
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If you are wondering what the most famous flowers of Bermuda are, we have to start with the fact that more than 8,000 species of flowers have been recorded in the country, both terrestrial and marine. Although human action has threatened the disappearance of some of them, especially due to the introduction of invasive species from other places, Bermuda is still today a true tropical paradise. Among the great biodiversity, more than 1,000 different types of vascular plants stand out, the extensive mangrove ecosystems on the coast, endemic trees such as the “Bermuda palm”, and, of course, the “Bermudiana”, the country's national flower. The latter is from the iris family, it has a beautiful bluish color in its flowering and is the most characteristic emblem of this archipelago.

We work with the best Bermuda florists, who will be in charge of making your bouquets of flowers accompanied by personalized gifts to surprise your loved ones in this country. At abcFlora, we have more than 1,000 florists around the world and Bermuda could not be an exception. Once you have placed your order on our website, it will be assigned to one of our florists in Bermuda, who will prepare it in a 100% artisanal way and using the highest quality flowers and green stems. In addition, he will deliver it to the destination address by hand, without your flowers ever traveling inside boxes that could spoil their beauty and aroma. We guarantee that your bouquet will arrive fresh and in pristine conditions.

Best occasions to send flowers to Bermuda

Although this country is known for the Bermuda Triangle, where more than 1,000 people are believed to have disappeared since 1945, either by sea or by air, you can be sure that sending flowers to Bermuda with abcFlora is totally reliable. Your flowers will always arrive on time thanks to our Bermuda flower delivery service, with which you can surprise your loved ones on special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, communions, anniversaries or simply brighten up any day.

Bermuda is famous for its outdoor cultural events, especially due to its year-round temperate tropical climate. One of the most popular is, without a doubt, the Bermuda Carnival, which is held every year in June and attracts thousands of tourists. If you can't travel to the country during these dates, why not send a bouquet to celebrate with your loved ones as well? Even if you can't be present, the language of flowers is the best way for friends and family to feel close to you during this annual celebration so appreciated by the local population.

The best Bermuda Flower Delivery Service

To which cities in Bermuda can I send flowers?

Did you know that the Bermuda archipelago is made up of more than 150 islands in total? From the abcFlora website, we guarantee the delivery of your flowers to Hamilton, the capital of this country. If you want to make a shipment to another location, contact our customer service team and we will help you do it. We also send flowers to other Caribbean island states such as Trinidad & Tobago, Puerto Rico, Aruba, Barbados or the Bahamas.

How can I send flowers to Bermuda from USA?

At abcFlora our mission is to make you feel very close to your loved ones even if they separate you thousands of kilometers thanks to the language of flowers. For this reason, from our website, you can send flowers to Bermuda from USA or from any other place in the world (we work in more than 100 countries around the planet). Therefore, if you have friends or family in Bermuda, we make it easy for you to send them flowers, plants or gifts such as stuffed animals, chocolates or cakes from wherever you are in the United States.

Bermuda flower delivery made easy with abcFlora

Although the Bermuda Islands archipelago may seem like one of the most remote territories in the world, you should know that you can send flowers whenever you want without leaving your home just by following these simple steps on our website:

  1. Select your preferred bouquet on our website. We have a wide catalog with a lot of different types of flowers and flower arrangements to choose from. 
  2. Add additional gifts and a customized message. Add an extra present to your bouquet and write a heartfelt message to send along with the flowers 😉
  3. Choose the desired delivery date. Our network of local florists work every day of the week, so that your flowers arrive at the time you choose.
  4. Fill in the order form with your details and the recipient's details. Once you enter the data, we will show you the shipping options available.
  5. Proceed to pay securely with the methods available: PayPal, credit card or cryptocurrency.

Don't think twice and surprise your loved ones by sending a bouquet of flowers to Bermuda today and our local florists on these islands will get to work immediately.